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**LIKES** Movies (especially horror movies), baking, cooking, going out to eat (food in general is a big like of mine), spending time with friends and family, working out, and of course…All things related to Walt Disney World...I have been there 15 times, and I love to read anything I can get my hands on about Disney…needless to say I have a lot of (otherwise useless) Disney information in my head. I enjoyed WDW so much as a child, and when I went back as an adult I found I enjoyed it so much more than I could have ever imagined, hence this blog...and THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS to convince those out there that Walt Disney World isn’t just for kids/families, its enjoyable for those of all ages, and there is something there for everyone (and I mean EVERYONE)

T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Missing Disney So. Very. Much. This Week

Not sure about where you live – but here in Upstate New York – it’s snowy as hell. Started a few days ago but last night we got our first real accumulation….

….Makes me miss Disney real bad. I miss flip flops and shorts. And characters and rides and Mickey ears. Mickey shapes snacks. Take me backkkkkkkkk

I’m convinced this is partially true. The stores are all decked out for Christmas. People are putting up lights and their trees….they brought this on themselves! For once I am not decorating early. So I KNOW it’s not my fault…

The views from our house this morning. Luckily – that’s not my car that had to be brushed off it’s my husbands ha. My son looks out this morning and goes “mommy there’s snow in the pool!” Yep there sure is. Mucky looking snow. Ew.

…me, for the next six months. If anyone needs me I will be spending the next hour bundling myself and my son in layer upon layer so we can go pick up prescriptions at the grocery store. Wish us luck.

Boy I miss Disney. The #DisneyBlues are real folks.


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Exclusive Treats For Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Have Arrived!

The Christmas season is officially upon us (whether we like it or not!) and that means it’s time for another season of magic and wonder with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! Running on select nights at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom – this is a special event that is full of fun, characters, cookies, and even SNOW!!

My husband and I were lucky enough to get to attend the party a few years ago- we loved it! Especially the snow (hard to see but it’s pictured above!)

Since we went, Disney has really stepped up their party game – with tons of exclusive food and merchandise offerings tailored to MVMCP guests. Personally, I’m more interested in the FOOD:

Pictured above we have – some awesome Christmas baked goods, a cookie milkshake, and hot dogs from Casey’s Corner – who will be doing a “12 days of Christmas” style menu and offering a different specialty hot dog each day leading up to Christmas

Check out all of details on where to find all these awesome goodies Here

Brb – running off to book my flight and MVMCP tickets (jk – I wish!)


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T.G.I.F. Pic of The Week – Disney Holiday Pjs For The Whole Family!

Matching holiday pajamas for the kids is not a new thing, families have been doing it forever – and I personally have been doing it since my son and my best friends son were small:

Luckily the choices are much cuter nowadays than back when we were kids – and of course I personally prefer to go with the DISNEY themed ones (shocker right? Ha)

Lately though, the trend for “whole family” matching pjs has become more popular – and I have seen several ads and displays already for them at the stores – target has a bunch (they even offer matching ones for your dog!) and Walmart is even showing their Disney side with Incredibles pajamas for the family

They even come with masks. Sold.

The Disney store and Parks have some really cute ones this year too – I like how these ones are more than just your standard red and green print – and I especially love grumpy Donald on the man’s version! Check them all out Here

I personally love this trend and have always been a fan of matching pjs – clearly. Ha. Even Walter doesn’t mind his buffalo plaid bow tie – made with love by my talented mother in law!

Oh and if you think it’s too soon to think about holidays and matching pjs and all that – I don’t blame you. But you can’t deny it’s all around you already. I say – don’t fight it, embrace it! Take the extra “holiday” time to teach your kids about the holiday and maybe do some charity work or donations – I know we will be doing our best to help our son learn that while Christmas and all that comes with it is fun, there’s a bigger message there – and that helping others is just as important as all the fun


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Fun Fall Treats At Walt Disney World

So – the idea of the TGIF series is to share a fun picture (or pictures!) every Friday – and I will admit that I did take a break last week, as I was out of town with some friends on a kids free weekend. We had tons of fun, but little to no cell phone service, hence the lack of Friday posting from me.

But fear not – I’m back this week!! With some amazing new fall treats that have been popping up all over Walt Disney World:

These are two I was lucky enough to try on our Disney vacation last month – the Mickey Krispie treat is coated in white chocolate and the orange sprinkles giving it that jack-o-lantern look. And the cupcake is chocolate with cookies and cream filling and a pile of icing (and a super cute candy spider!)

These newer items (which I WISH I had been able to try last month but sadly wasn’t) are available over in Animal Kingdom – Apple cider donuts on a stick, and a white cupcake filled with pumpkin mousse and topped with cinnamon buttercream (and yes that’s a fondant pumpkin on top too!)

Check out even more delicious fall snacks Here

Hopefully your weekend is full of pumpkins, fall fun, and treats as delicious as these!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – 4 Years Of Fun

This week my son turned 4 years old – and I can’t believe how big and smart he is getting!

He went to build a Bear for the first time this week to celebrate his birthday – and I just marvel at how grown up he is getting. He is funny, caring, outgoing, and a great friend to everyone he meets.

This weekend he is having his birthday party – it’s Halloween themed and he will be dressing as Batman for the occasion. I am so excited to have everyone we love come together to celebrate the past 4 years with him

I know this post isn’t Disney related – but I have been pretty busy planning his birthday party this past week, and he deserves to have a post dedicated to him and his awesomeness!

I can’t wait to party with him this weekend!!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Meeting The Main Man Himself – MICKEY MOUSE!

It’s hard to believe that our Disney World trip is over – we came back last Saturday, and I personally am missing it SO MUCH – and so is my son! He has asked me almost daily if we can go back – “Mommy – after school, we can go to Disney World?” and today’s was “Mommy, we just have to get tickets, then we can go to Disney World” – well pal, I wish it was that simple – if it was, we would be there RIGHT NOW – but unfortunately, it’s a bit trickier than that…hopefully someday soon we can go back, but for now, all we can do is remember how amazing our week in WDW was – and if I had to narrow it down what was the best part, I would have a LOT of trouble, but for sure one thing that stands out in my mind is my son’s first encounters with Mickey – he was lucky enough to meet him THREE times on our trip, and he loved every one:

First time was at the Epcot Character Spot – where he was so thrilled he couldn’t stop smiling!

Then we had dinner at Chef Mickey’s – which was just as fun as I remember it being!

Final trip encounter with Mickey was at breakfast at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom – which I personally love, as I think their safari outfits are so cute!

I can’t wait to start planning our next WDW trip – and I know my son can’t wait, either!


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