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**LIKES** Movies (especially horror movies), baking, cooking, going out to eat (food in general is a big like of mine), spending time with friends and family, working out, and of course…All things related to Walt Disney World...I have been there 15 times, and I love to read anything I can get my hands on about Disney…needless to say I have a lot of (otherwise useless) Disney information in my head. I enjoyed WDW so much as a child, and when I went back as an adult I found I enjoyed it so much more than I could have ever imagined, hence this blog...and THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS to convince those out there that Walt Disney World isn’t just for kids/families, its enjoyable for those of all ages, and there is something there for everyone (and I mean EVERYONE)

T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – 11 Years Of Love, Laughter, And Fun

Tomorrow is mine and my husband’s “date-iversary”, and even though we are married now we still like to celebrate our original anniversary – the day when it all began! It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 years – we have had some really great times together!




…And is it really any surprise that many of those great times have happened at the Happiest Place On Earth? Disney World holds some great memories for us – and we can’t wait to head back with our son and show him what it’s all about

Here’s to many, many more years of “dating” and all the fun that comes with it!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – “Rivers Of Light” Debuts TODAY At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney is always changing things up, trying new things and introducing new experiences to help keep the guest experience magical and fresh and exciting! From new rides, new attractions, new restaurants and foods – to new shows – like this one that is making it’s inaugural appearance today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park – Rivers Of Light. Check it out:






So – I know the question I had after checking out these pics was “So…what IS it, exactly then?” – and essentially it’s a show that combines water, sounds, light effects and imagery to show us how beautiful nature really is. It’s set at sundown, so that as the sun sets the lights really come to life!

I can’t wait to check it out – how about you?


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Well – it’s been a rumor for a WHILE that Disney World was going to open a Star Wars Themed Land in one of their theme Parks – and the rumor has FINALLY been settled – it’s TRUE – Star Wars Land is coming in 2019!


Hollywood Studios will be home to this new land – and i can’t wait to see what it looks like. Characters, rides, attractions, food – it will all be amazing I’m sure!

Ever since Disney acquired Lucas Films there have been rumblings about Star Wars Land – and I personally am so excited to see how they bring it to life. Needless to say, I know where I will be heading in 2019 (better start saving now!)


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Perfect Disney Gifts For Your Valentine!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Is it a cheesy Hallmark-y holiday? Yes. Do I love it anyway? YES – of course! Who wouldn’t love an excuse to eat TONS of chocolate? No woman I know, that’s for sure! If your valentine LOVES Disney as much as me, then you will want to gift her one of these top Disney Valentine’s Gifts:


Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s gift – nothing says love like a little bling, am I right? Personally I have my eye on these Mickey stud earrings, but I also love the necklace (depicting one of the world’s most classic couples!)


Side Note – Men like getting jewelry too! Subtle and classy Mickey on a watch or Star wars cuff links are the perfect addition to that suit and tie


Apparel like this adorable apron or sweet shirt would be hits for your Disney loving gal – the quote on the shirt is the best (I wish it came in a print – I would frame it!)


For me it doesn’t get any better than a good Disney Mug – this would make me swoon!

Check out a ton of amazing Disney Valentine gift ideas here


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – My Little Guy (And Why I’m Waiting To Take Him To Disney)

WARNING – this post isn’t totally Disney related – and may partly be an excuse to show off my adorable son…


Come on – can you blame me? Look at how cute this kid is!


Seriously though – I started this blog a few years back, with the purpose of proving how great Walt Disney World is not only for kids, but for adults too. Over the years I have discussed the finer points of adult WDW vacations, and have been lucky enough to take several kid-free trips myself

But – times change, and since having my son, my focus has (understandably) shifted a bit – and he gets mostly all of my attention/time/effort. Which means I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked for writing blog posts, and it also means we haven’t been able to travel to Walt Disney World in quite some time either. Am I sad? Sure – a little – but honestly not that much – because as crazy as toddler life and mom life are – I wouldn’t trade them for anything

I used to think I would take my kid(s) to Walt Disney World just as soon as they figured out who Mickey Mouse was – and well…let’s just say – reality has kicked in, and I have come to the realization that we won’t be headed to the Happiest Place on Earth anytime soon. WHY not? Well – here are just a few reasons

1. MONEY – we are trying to move to a bigger house – as we are quickly outgrowing our “starter home” that we purchased almost 8 years ago now – and we want something bigger that we can really grow into, which means spending several thousand dollars on a Disney vacation isn’t exactly in the cards right now
2. Memories – Let’s be real here – my kid is only two – he will not remember anything from any trip we take right now, no matter how great it is – and that’s just the truth. He might remember some things for a while, but long term – he won’t remember much (if anything) from when he went to Disney at 2 years old
3. Packing Nightmares – we are in the midst of starting to potty train our boy – and any trip right now would just throw that completely off kilter. Which means – we would have to bring diapers. And a stroller. And a Pack n Play for him to sleep in…just. Too. Much. Stuff.
4. Toddler Life – We’ve all heard of the “Terrible Two’s” – and while it’s not all terrible, there are certainly things that toddlers can’t handle – like walking around all day in the hot sun at Disney, or meeting characters 5 times their size, or sitting through a show, or waiting in line, or waiting for ANYTHING – basically, just NO. So much no

There are other reasons why we will be holding off on introducing our son to the magic that is Disney World – but those are for sure the main ones. That all being said, I know plenty of people take toddlers to Disney every day and they have TONS of fun – so if you’re thinking of taking your family (toddler included!) to WDW – don’t let me discourage you! I just know that right now – we have other things to focus on, and want to take him when he is more independent and will be able to really remember it for years to come (we are aiming for taking him when he is 4 or 5 at this point)

Even though life may have changed a LOT once I became a mom, it doesn’t mean I stopped loving Disney – if anything, I love it MORE now – as I get to experience the characters, movies, toys, and fun through my son’s eyes – and there really isn’t anything better than that!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Happy 30th To My “Mickey”


This week my husband turned 30 – and I got to thinking about our past (almost 11 years together!), and about just how grateful I am for him. He’s an amazing friend, husband, and dad – and I hope he knows just how much he means to me



30th-4 30th-5

He supports my love of Disney, and has traveled there with me many times – and we have so many fond memories of those trips

30th-6 30th-7

Here’s to millions more memories (Disney and otherwise!)

TGIF – and HAPPY 30th to the Mickey to my Minnie

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