T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – New Mug Who Dis?

Scored this beauty last weekend when we went out of town – to a place that still has a Disney Store in it’s mall, so of COURSE we had to stop there (us true Disney fans never miss an opportunity for even the tiniest piece of Disney Magic!)

Since I am ever so slightly obsessed with Disney Mugs, I knew I would have to bring one home with me – I couldn’t say no to this one, I just love it!


…Of course, I couldn’t let me son walk out of there empty-handed either, and since Toy Story 4 is all the rage right now, it’s no surprise to me that he picked these adorably tiny Bunny and Ducky plushes to bring home (and they have been giving our dog the “ole plush rush” ever since lol)


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Getting Ready For Kindergarten

It may only be July, but school prep is in FULLLL swing around here – and you can’t blame us for getting it done early – the stores have had supplies out for a couple of weeks now, and with some deals too good to pass up, I figured might as well get started, right?

Grabbed the usual glue sticks/tissues/crayons and such – and took pause at the backpacks – knowing he would want a new one, I asked what character he might like. Without hesitation, he said “Toy Story 4” – and I know he’s super into it right now, so it didn’t surprise me, but just in case, I ran down the list of other characters he might like (Lego Movie, Superheros, Spiderman, etc) – and he was adamantly against them and 100% for Toy Story 4 (specifically – Forky).

Well, who am I to argue with him? He’s obviously a Disney kid at heart just like his mama

And before I know it, school will be starting and he will be that much older, bigger, and smarter. Excuse me while I go cry tears of mixed joy and sadness haha

What about YOU – have you started school shopping for your little ones yet? Any cute DISNEY finds for you?


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of the Week – The Best Toy Story 4 Character (WARNING – Spoiler ahead!)

Ready for the movie!

Last weekend we finally got to go see Toy Story 4 – and after hearing others saying things like “they should have stopped at 3” and it was only “ok” – I was worried if I would enjoy it. But I honestly LOVED IT – laughed out loud, cried at the end like a baby – amazing. And my son loved it too!

Asked him what his favorite part was after it was over – and he said Forky (no surprise there!)

For those who don’t know, Forky is Bonnie’s new toy that she made at school, and who she loves more than anything. Much of the movie revolves around Forky – teaching him how to be a toy and convincing him life is good as a toy – Woody takes on much of this mentor role and it is really well done!

My son then asked me what MY favorite part was – and here’s the spoiler:

My favorite part was Knifey – the girlfriend for Forky Bonnie made at school at the very end of the movie – in fact it’s in the first part of the credits! I just thought it was such a funny way to end a great movie!

What about YOU – did you see it yet? What was YOUR favorite part?


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Happy Toy Story 4 Day!

The time has finally come, Toy Story 4 has come out in theaters and finally we can all go see it!

This week I have this adorable pic of my son to share – he just put together some Toy Story 4 legos with his dad and he’s pretty proud!

He can’t wait to see the new movie – how about you?


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Toy Story 4 is EVERYWHERE!

It’s everywhere I look – Facebook ads. Tv commercials. STORES – clothes, shoes, toys, books, cereal, fruit snacks, juice boxes – Toy Story 4 is taking over the world!

It was even present at my a birthday party my son and I recently attended:

My son’s friend got basically every Toy Story toy ever – and truth be told I am actually really jealous. That Buzz Lightyear robot looks awesome! And I love his face when he opened the Toy Story Play-Doh we got him ❤️

Oh. And we can add party supplies to the list of merchandise out there too – all available before the movie even drops!

Less than a week until we finally see what Toy Story 4 is all about!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – (Less Than!) Two Weeks Until Toy Story 4!

I have always been a big Toy Story fan – I bawled like a dang baby at the end of Toy Story 3 – and this time around, I get to share it with my son which is just the best!

He’s a big fan too – he’s seen the movies, knows the characters, and he even rode Slinky Dog Dash with me when we were at Walt Disney World last fall!

Disney is gearing up for the new movie – with merchandise (the toy sections at Walmart & Target are NOT SAFE parents – avoid at all costs unless you want to leave broke! If you’re at the store alone though – feel free to check it out – the new stuff is so cute!!), ads everywhere, and even new character experiences in Toy Story Land! Bo Peep Will soon start making regular appearances at Hollywood Studios – and for those of you expecting a docile sweet little thing – think again! She really comes into her own in this movie, showing how strong a woman can be!

Disney World isn’t the only place gearing up for the new movie – the toys are out in full force at our house, and we even made ourselves a Forky! Forky is a character new to Toy Story 4 – Bonnie creates him at school and brings him home to play with the other toys!

Luckily, Forky is easy to make – some popsicle sticks, a spork, Googly eyes & pipe cleaners and you’re in business!

What about you – are you excited for the new movie to open in theaters on June 20th?


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