T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney Mugs & #MomLife #NeedCoffee

I have written about my love of Disney mugs before – multiple times. There is just nothing better than a hot cup of morning coffee from a Disney mug

Here are some of my Disney mugs that I bought at Disney and brought home – a risky move for sure – as who knows what happens once the luggage is checked into the airport? But they all made it home safely and in one piece which I am grateful for

Today – I am especially grateful for not only the mugs, but for coffee to drink out of them

Just over here living that #MomLife – enjoying some coffee before school

Oh – and I’m grateful for this little photobombing cutie too (who is actually not wearing any pants right now – since he is supposed to be getting dressed for school)

TGIF – and may your coffee be stronger than your toddlers – today and always


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney’s Live Action Dumbo Takes Flight!


Dumbo is one of those Disney movies I could never watch – it just was too much for me, emotionally. The mocking of Dumbo, the treatment of his mother, Dumbo and his mother and the song – I can’t – there just aren’t enough tissues in the world for it


So when I heard they were re-making it into a live-action film – let’s just say, my feelings were “mixed” at best…




But, after reading up on it – the cast seems really strong, and from what I have read and seen in trailers and such – it might just turn out to be an amazing remake! I will give it a chance…but I will still be bringing my tissues for SURE. The movie hits theaters next month – Will YOU be heading to see it?

Check out the “Sneak Peak” and Official Trailer Here



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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Head To Target For These Adorable (Disney Themed!) Valentine’s Day Shirts

I know this may be an unpopular opinion – but I personally LOVE Valentine’s Day! And it’s not because I love getting flowers or other such sappy gestures – I just love the idea of showing people that you love them, and getting the chance to do that through words, cards, gifts, and gestures. It’s silly sure – but I can’t help it. Of course – I also love the fact that there are many great DISNEY loves out there – Disney couples, and many love stories within the movies, that renew my beliefs in love (and yes – I know the movies aren’t real, ha), and just make all well with the world again – even if only for a moment

Speaking of Disney and Valentine’s Day, what better way to express your love of both Disney and Love itself than with some awesome shirts from Target?

This men’s t-shirt is so cute – I mean – really – Mickey has ROSES on his shorts – how can you not love that? Buy it here

I have walked by this the last several times I have been at Target – and it has taken ALL of my available restraint not to just throw it in my cart and buy it – and honestly, next time the willpower will probably be gone and this will be MINE. Make it yours, too!

Little girls love Minnie Mouse. It’s just a fact – and why shouldn’t they? She’s adorable, classy, and rocks that dress and heels like nobody else can. Express their love for Minnie with This adorable shirt

I can’t with how cute this is  – I mean really.

Babies are cute no matter what, but in this adorable set of Mickey PJ’s – your baby wins Valentine’s Day

You might be wondering…does Target PAY me to talk up their stuff? And the answer is 100% NO WAY – I literally just love Target that much, and they have the cutest Disney Valentine’s Day stuff EVER (said as I sip my coffee from my Mickey kissing Minnie mug my husband got me from Target a few years ago on Valentine’s Day), and it’s just the best place to go for Disney Valentine’s Day Shirts – or well, for anything at all, really!

TGIF and HAPPY February!

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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney On Ice!

So this past weekend – I did something I have been avoiding since my son was born. I finally bit the bullet, sucked it up, and took him to see Disney On Ice:

Why was I so hesitant to go? Well – the main reason was Cost – tickets, parking, food, and souvenirs – it’s not a cheap endeavor. And while I know Disney is never cheap, I guess I would prefer to save that money towards something a bit more authentically Disney (like a trip to Disney perhaps?)

But, I knew he would love it – and that a trip to the real Disney is nowhere on the horizon for now, so this is the next best thing

And he really did love it – he was so excited when Slinky Dog and the other Toy Story characters came out, and personally it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – yes it was very expensive (and yes that is a $30 Mickey wand he is holding in the last picture ugh), and yes as a parent I didn’t get to do much actual watching of the show between potty/snack/drink trips and helping him eat his chicken fingers off his lap out of the flimsiest container known to man (seriously Disney – lets invest in stadium refreshment serving options – you would surely make a lot of parents happy ha!), but overall it was a good time and a cute experience

Would I go again? Probably – but next year I’m going to ask the grandparents to get him the tickets – as it is pretty pricy – and I have to start saving now for more the food, souvenirs, and more light up wands ha

If you have been to Disney On Ice, I would love to know your experience – did you love it? Hate it? Can take it or leave it? Let me know!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Everything’s Coming Up…Purple?

By now you’ve probably heard of the Purple Wall – and that it’s THE place to take a #Selfie in the Magic Kingdom – but I bet you didn’t know that this was just the beginning of Disney’s obsession with purple…

Sweet treats like cupcakes and churros, drinks, and merchandise (like sparkly purple Minnie ears!) are all the rage right now

If you’re headed to Disney soon, you’ll want to make sure you check out all the purple treats available Here

They say purple is the color of royalty – and it looks like Disney just got a whole lot more regal!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – A Random Act Of Kindness To Start Off 2018

As usual, my husband and son and I spent New Years celebrating with our friends in Virginia – and what fun it was!

Dance parties, movies, baking, visiting family – we did it all! But the best thing happened on the drive home. We stopped at a gas station in Pennsylvania to use the restroom, and on our way in (and out!) my son was eyeing a giant stuffed Tigger in the back of someone’s car

As my husband was buckling up our son to hit the road again, the very kind lady who was working at the gas station at the time came out and took the Tigger out of her car and gave him to John!

We didn’t know what to say – we were so overcome with happiness at the random kindness of this stranger – who clearly wanted nothing more than to see a little Disney-loving boy smile. And smile he did – Tigger has had quite the time since joining our family – watching movies, sharing toys, sleeping with John at night oh and of course plenty of cuddles!

To this woman who gave us her Tigger – we said it already but it bears repeating – Thank You from us all – you are a rarity in this world where it can sometimes be hard to find the good. Thank You for showing my son (and me!) that there is still good in the world ❤


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