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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Cool Off In The Summer Heat At Blizzard Beach!

I have a confession to make – I am not a huge fan of water parks – I was never a big swimmer when I was younger and without my glasses I could never see what slide I was even riding on – it was never my favorite way to spend a day. But luckily I have grown to appreciate them a bit more – due in large part to my obtaining contact lenses and becoming a better swimmer! Plus, how can you say no to a Disney Waterpark – its basically as intricate and well themed as their theme Parks  – but with water! Which, on a hot Florida summer day can really be a lifesaver!


Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the newer of its two Water Parks and it’s themed after a ski Resort that has “melted” into a watery wonderland


Zip down the “slopes” of Mount Gushmore – one of the world’s tallest (and fastest!) water slides

BlizzardBeach River

Enjoy a lazy trip down the river in an inner tube

BlizzardBeach Beach

Or simply relax on the beach!


What could be a better way to escape the heat than in a BLIZZARD?! I highly recommend you plan a day at a Disney Water Park on your next trip – especially if you plan on visiting during the summer months!


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“Beat The Heat” With The WDW Waterparks


Summer is upon us – it officially starts TOMORROW! And for those of you not familiar with Disney Weather, that means heat and humidity, and lots of it. There are plenty of ways to stay cool at Walt Disney World, and one of the best is to head to one of their two waterparks for some fun in the sun!


Blizzard Beach used to be a ski resort, but has since melted away into a “watery wonderland!” Fly down Mount Gushmore – one of the world’s tallest and fastest waterslides! Or you can float down the tranquil lazy river in an inner tube, or enjoy some sunbathing on the white sand beach


Typhoon Lagoon offers snorkeling on their coral reef, surf lessons from pros, a giant wave pool, and much more! The story is that an epic typhoon caused “Mount Mayday” to become an oasis of water-filled adventure, and the theming is carried on throughout the park

Oh, and should you get hungry after all that splashing, you can take advantage of the snack carts and quick service dining locations available at each water park. Children’s play areas are also available at each park, so young ones can enjoy the water park fun too!

Personally, I am not a huge waterpark fan, and having been to both already, I don’t usually plan to spend any time there while at WDW, but they definitely can be fun, and are a perfect way to chill out on a hot Orlando day!

My advice? Get there early. Seriously – like before it opens, and plan to spend the morning and early afternoon there enjoying the rides and cooling off in the water. Then, by mid afternoon, when the sun is at its hottest, you are all refreshed and ready to head back to your Resort for a nap!

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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – WDW Water Parks – A Great Way To Stay Cool

It’s summer. It’s hot and sticky, and that means finding ways to cool off is a top priority for a lot of people. Orlando tends to be hot and sticky a lot of the time (not just in summer!) and luckily Walt Disney World has come up with some ways to help their guests keep their cool – and two of those ways are their Water Parks – Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon’s Huge Wave Pool


Enjoy Floating In An Inner Tube At Typhoon Lagoon


Take The Plunge At Blizzard Beach


Race To The Finish At Blizzard Beach

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of water parks in general, and I wouldn’t choose to go to one probably (the hotel pool is enough for me!), but there are some awesome rides at both of these Parks – so grab your sunscreen and bathing suit and head to one of WDW’s water parks for fun in the sun and plenty of splashing and fun!


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