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Managing Your Disney Trip Photos

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Have you ever gotten home from a vacation, turned on your camera, and realized that you have like 3,000 pictures on there – 600 of which are blurry, 300 of which are too bright or too dark, etc etc – and once you spend the several hours it takes to load and sort them all, you end up with maybe 200 decent pictures (and a headache?). I have definitely been there, and it’s no treat. As much as I love taking photos while on vacation, and want to capture every memory, I know that I definitely need some photo management tactics to utilize while vacationing at Disney (or anywhere really!)

The first thing I always do is to review my pictures daily – either at the start or end of my day, I will go through my digital camera and delete the dark/blurry/unsuitable/unflattering photos – which saves me from having to do it all at once after the trip. It only takes a few minutes each day, and it’s a fun way to relive yesterday’s activities!

One really important Disney vacation photo rule to abide by is to use ONE CAMERA AND ONE CAMERA ONLY – which means only one iphone/tablet/digital camera should be used to take ALL the trip photos, and it’s also easier if one person is in charge of the camera too. This is hard – trust me, it’s especially hard for me, as my husband is into using assorted vintage film cameras, and I personally carry my phone and digital camera with me as well – so at any given time while on vacation, we have 2 smartphones, 2 film cameras, and one digital camera on us (minimum). So, for me, this is a new rule that I will be attempting to follow for the first time when I head to WDW next month for Christmas – I actually plan on using only my iphone, and leaving the rest of the cameras behind. It’s small, its easy to use, and it takes pretty decent pictures (which I am then able to immediately share with my friends and family via social media!). So while this rule is hard to follow, it is a worthwhile one – it makes it much easier to organize your photos when you get home

You should definitely try and utilize The Disney Photopass Service as much as possible. The photpass photographers are stationed all over the Parks, and will take your party’s picture in front of the Castle/Tower of Terror/Tree of Life (and the list goes on), and then those photos all get loaded onto an online account for your to review and purchase after your trip. They will also willingly take a shot with your camera too, which is nice. Oh – and if you’re generally the trip photographer like I am – this will allow you to actually BE in some of the trip photos, which is always nice for a change!

This tip is specific to Disney Vacations, and it’s something that I have picked up on over the years – which is to skip the parade/fireworks photos. This may seem strange, since we all love a good parade, but photos of parade floats/characters etc tend to be taken at a weird angle, cutting off part of the float, and/or have the tops of like 10 people’s heads in them. Take a few of the main attractions of the parade, but overall, don’t bother much with parade or firework photos, they aren’t worth it – save your shutter for the good stuff, like character meet and greets and FOOD

If you follow these simple tips you will find that your photos really do become a cherished trip souvenir, instead of a big nuisance!

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