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Frozen – I don’t Get It. Still.


I have written about how I gave the movie Frozen two chances – I watched it twice and I will admit I definitely appreciated it more the second time – HOWEVER – I will also admit – I still do NOT understand Frozen. The popularity/hype/intensity – people are seriously obsessed with this movie – and it’s not just kids either – adults are jumping on the bandwagon too!

Waiting 5 hours to meet Anna and Elsa at the Disney Parks. A New Frozen ride at Disney. Thousands of parodies of “Let It Go” on YouTube. “Sexy” Frozen Halloween Costumes (yeah, that’s really a thing), the MOST INSANE amount of merchandising I have ever seen for a single movie in my whole life…it all seems…excessive, and I fear I may stand alone on this one – but I just don’t get it.

Now – don’t get me wrong, I love a good Disney movie – but in my book – Frozen barely qualifies as a “good” movie – I mean, it’s cute, the songs are great, the characters are somewhat amusing – but overall – mediocre at best. It certainly can’t hold a flame to Cinderella (my absolute fave!), or Toy Story, or Finding Nemo…I could go on (but I won’t). I am glad that Disney is getting so much mileage out of Frozen, and that it was such a hit for them – but really? I’m over it. I am sorry if this offends you….and if it does then maybe you should learn to “Let It Go” (ha!), Seriously though – Disney – can we move on to something bigger and better? Please? I would appreciate it – and I can’t be alone in thinking that way…right?

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Happy “Cyber Monday”!

So we all know about Black Friday and how that works, but this whole “Cyber Monday” thing is relatively new, and a lot of stores have been taking advantage of this new shopping phenomenon and hosting sales through Thanksgiving weekend and on the Monday following Turkey Day


In keeping with this new holiday tradition, The Disney Store is offering some specials today, including 15% off any order over $50, 20% off any order over $75, and 25% off any order over $100, PLUS free shipping on any order over $75


You could definitely get some Christmas shopping done and save some money with this great sale!


Personally, I have a few items on my Disney Christmas list this year –

Like these adorable measuring spoons (which would match my Mickey measuring cup set!)

Or this fun Toy Story Rex ornament for my tree

Or this cute and fragrant air fresherer for my car!


There are so many amazing things to choose from, so I highly recommend you take advantage of “Cyber Monday” and grab these deals while they last!

…Now if only Disney would have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on vacation packages….now that I would get up early and stand in line for!

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