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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Another Disney Tattoo? Yeah, That Happened

So, those of you who follow my adventures know that I already have one Disney Tattoo – and this weekend I added to that number with my second “Disney” themed tattoo:


“We’re All Mad Here” – Courtesy of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland – I just LOVE this quote, and I love the way the tattoo turned out too!

I am a HUGE fan of both the animated and the live action Alice in Wonderland movies, and getting my tattoo reminded me of all of my favorite “Alice” moments:

TGIFAlice 1“Golden Afternoon” sung with the flowers

TGIFAlice 2

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

TGIF Alice 4

In the Tim Burton version – when Alice gets her first glimpse of “Wonderland”


When Alice Slays The Jabberwocky (and counts the impossible things!)


I just love that while the two movies are telling the same story, they are SO different – both so interesting to watch in their own ways

And you know, I think it’s true – we ARE all a little mad after all, aren’t we?


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney Tattoos – Part Two!

Last Year I wrote about the ultimate Disney Fan devotion symbol – the Disney Tattoo – as I had recently joined the ranks as a Disney super fan with my own Disney Tattoo.

Since then, I have been checking out tons of other Disney Tattoos, partly for fun, and also partly as research, as I want to expand mine to include a castle, more stars, and maybe even some fireworks


I like the style of this castle, and the fireworks, and I am thinking I can work some stars in there too…hmm…



The other thing I want to get is the “We’re All Mad Here” Quote from Alice In Wonderland –I have always loved the animated movie, and the Tim Burton version is one of my favorites too. I love the simple style of the tattoo picture, but the spade shape is great too – just need to think about where to put it…so much to think about!

In my research, I saw TONS of other amazing tattoos:


Peter Pan is an amazing movie, and what a great message too


“Ohana” is a pretty common one I came across, and the “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten” quote from Lilo And Stitch always brought a tear to my eye – and what a cute thing this would be to get with a sibling

Snow White Tattoo

I love this silhouette of Snow White, and the splash of red with the apple is a great touch too

UP Tattoo

The movie “Up” and it’s message about true love is really cute, and I love the placement of this tattoo!


What about you – are you brave enough to face the needle and get a permanent reminder of your Disney love?

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Disney DIY – Alice In Wonderland Frame Collage

Recently I talked about some pretty sweet Disney DIY projects, and those got me thinking, how else can I bring Disney into my home?

Alice Live Alice Animated

I have always been a huge Alice In Wonderland fan – both the Tim Burton version and the classic animated version, and there are some especially good quotes from that movie that have always stuck with me, so I decided to have myself a little craft project….

FrameCollage 005

We don’t have a ‘headboard’ for our bed, so these sconces have always served as a nice little decoration for the wall above the bed, but it was definitely time for a change…

FrameCollage 003

FrameCollage 001

Enter, the quote collage – There are tons of artsy prints of Alice In Wonderland quotes that can be purchased via sites like Etsy, but I thought – why not just make my own?

So I printed out a bunch of my favorite Alice quotes, and my husband and I went about getting them into the frames

FrameCollage 002

FrameCollage 004

FrameCollage 006

Once we had them all framed, it was time to say goodbye to the sconces and get the quotes hung up!





My personal favorite quote? “We’re All Mad Here” – I may even get it tattooed on me at some point – because let’s face it, it’s the truth, isnt it?

It was really a pretty cheap and easy project to do, the frames were around $20 at Target (they come in packs of 3 or 4), and the printing was free as I did it at home, and the best thing about it is there is no right or wrong way to do it, the quotes don’t have to be perfectly centered and the frames don’t have to be hung in a straight row, it’s really just whatever you feel looks good

This idea can be done TONS of ways, with other Disney movies, or famous Walt Disney quotes, it can be tailored to adults or kids (like princess pictures and quotes for a little girls room!), You could even use all different frames to give it a more eclectic look – the possibilities are really endless!

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Disneyland – The Original Park

I know I have talked about Disneyland before (like about how it’s different from Disney World), but I have been thinking a lot about the ‘Land lately, as we are planning a trip there in fall of 2014

The reason we want to go in the fall is because not only will the parks be decked out for the fall season, but one of our fave rides, the Haunted Mansion, will be all dressed up for the Haunted Mansion Holiday, themed after Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. They also do a halloween celebration, Mickey’s Halloween Party, where you get the chance to trick or treat at Disney!

We can’t wait to check out the new Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure Park, and to experience everything else that these amazing Parks have to offer.

Halloween at Disneyland is a magical time, and I am so excited to check it all out!

Any Disneyland veterans out there have some wisdom they care to share with a couple of Disney World veterans making the trek to California?

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