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T.G.I.F Pic of the Week – Entering The Place Where Dreams Come True

I am only a week away from my Disney World vacation, so I am getting just a *little* excited (ok, I am so excited I can barely contain myself, but I will try!). One of the things that I am most excited for is getting to visit all 4 of the theme parks they have to offer, each of which is amazingly special in it’s own way

My favorite moment is when I enter the park, and take a moment to stop and really soak in everything going on around me, the scenery, the smells, the sounds, everything.

Why do I like this moment so much? Well, check out these pictures and you can at least see (not smell or hear though unfortunately!) why I love it so much:

The view of Cinderella’s Castle from the entrance to Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is simply breathtaking (this is my favorite park!)
Hollywood Studios evokes an old time Hollywood feel, plus there’s the giant Sorcerer’s Hat which I love!

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth globe is huge, and is definitely jaw-droppingly amazing!

Animal Kingdom’s Oasis is green and tropical and makes you feel like you’re in the jungle!
No matter which park you are at, the view is amazing, and that is only the beginning! The rides, attractions, stores, food, entertainment, it all adds up to an experience like no other! (and one I can’t wait to experience again next week!)
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