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Favorite Disney Rides – The Haunted Mansion

Location: Liberty Square in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
What It’s Like: Take a ride on a “doom buggy” through a creepy haunted house full of frights! It’s set in the dark, and might scare small children (heck, it still scares me sometimes!), but that’s all part of the fun!
Why I Love It: The details and special effectson this ride are amazing, from the wall paper with eyes to the dancing ballroom ghosts, I always see something new every time I ride it (and I have ridden it a LOT of times!). Also, the line tends to move pretty quickly, and another bonus – the ride is indoors, which means sweet cool air conditioning!
It is a Magic Kingdom Must-Do for those of all ages! Do you love The Haunted Mansion too?
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Celebrating Memorial Day – Being Patriotic At WDW


Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there, and thanks to all of the soldiers who have given all they have to keep our country a safe, wonderful place to live! I know I am grateful for all of those who have given their lives for our great country, and I know that celebrating all that is special about the USA was important to Walt Disney and the Imagineers who created the attractions and experiences that celebrate our country at Walt Disney World!


Should you be feeling patriotic, or if you just want a reminder of our country’s history and how far we have come, you should definitely check out these Walt Disney World attractions:


Hall of Presidents – Recently renovated to include President Obama, this show featuring audio-animatronics will remind you of our heritage and how each president played a role in shaping our country into what it is today


The American Adventure – located in Epcot, this show takes you through some of America’s most important stories, including the civil rights movement and the Boston Tea Party


You can also visit:


Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, where you can find the Hall of Presidents, or ride the Livery Square Riverboat, board a ‘doom buggy’ at the Haunted Mansion, or do some shopping or dining at it’s colonial themed restaurants and stores


The American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase, with patriotic performances by the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps, who play throughout the day. The pavilion offers an inspirational theatrical show, as well as shopping and dining


Read more about how Disney is celebrating this Memorial Day here


Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day full of relaxation, picnics and barbeques, and most of all, full of gratitude and remembrance for those who have fought for our country!

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