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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Character Interaction At It’s Finest

One of the BEST things about visiting Disney World is getting the chance to meet and great your favorite characters – and I firmly believe that no one is too old for a hug from Mickey Mouse or Pooh! We have had some truly amazing character interactions over the years:



Donald dressed as Davey Crockett is a pretty regular fixture over in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland – and we visited him at the perfect time on this day, as there was NO line, and he was feeling feisty to boot! My husband has a really cool old Mickey shaped film camera (remember film? Ha) that he happened to be carrying around that day – and Donald did NOT care for it – he shook his fist at it in fury – as he believed it should have been a Donald camera instead!


We were lucky enough to be the very last people to get to see Tigger and Eeyore on this particular morning – and even though they had just signed countless autographs and dealt with lord knows how many crying babies, they still had huge hugs for us, and we were able to capture this great picture with them, too



When Minnie found out we had just gotten married she was SO happy for us! She even gave my groom a kiss!
I can’t wait until my son is old enough to get to meet his favorite characters, and I hope his first interactions with them are as great as these!


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Favorite Disney Rides – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

LocationBig Thunder Mountain Railroad is located in Frontierland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom


What It’s Like – As you board, the announcement advises you to “Hang on to your hats and glasses folks, cuz this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!”, and I personalyl take that advice to heart – you will want to remove your glasses and secure your valuables for this Old West themed roller coaster ride through the mountains! The line queue takes you through Big Thunder Mining Co, where you board an ore train for your wild ride

Having fun on Thunder Mountain!


Why I Love It – It’s fast, it has sharp turns that throw you from side to side, and its lots of fun! I have loved this ride for years, and sadly it was being renovated last time I was in Disney World, so I know I will have to get in extra rides on my next trip! The seats in the back of the trains make for the wildest ride (so I always try to get one of those spots if I can!


I HIGHLY recommend using a Fastpass for this one – my attack plan with this is to grab a fastpass then get in the standby line and ride it once (or more if time allows!) then head to the fastpass line once the time comes

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