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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Adding Some Extra “Magic” To Your Magic Bands

Have you been to Disney World recently? If so, you probably have had a chance to try out their new Magic Band system – and if not, let me give you a quick rundown on what you’re missing out on: the Magic Band is essentially a bracelet that contains and electronic chip, which acts as your park ticket, your method of payment at the Parks for souvenirs/food etc, your WDW Resort room key, and it even stores your Fastpass/Dining Reservation information too. Pretty cool for a little bracelet, right? The design of the band itself is pretty basic – so of course people have come up with plenty of ways to personalize their Magic Bands:

     MB 1

There are plenty of accessories available for sale at the Disney Parks


MB 2

….And then there’s the “after-market” Magic Band Accessories – many of which are available through sites like Etsy

MB 7


MB 5

Or if you’re the crafty type, you can always decorate it yourself

MB 6

For those who like a little sparkle in their lives, check out this easy Magic Band Glitter DIY

Magic Bands

Personally I like to keep it simple – a little Muppet charm and I’m good to go!


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So How Much Does A Disney Trip REALLY Cost?

Statue Castle

I talk a LOT about how amazing Walt Disney World is, how it’s a vacation you will never forget that is worth every penny, and I truly believe this.

But you may be wondering….exactly how many pennies will it take to get there? I have mentioned before that it’s not a cheap vacation, and that you will want to plan ahead and save up for it. How much saving, you ask? Well, for 2 adult travelers it goes something like this:

Lodging – You can expect to pay around $100 per night for a room at a WDW Value Resort, for a total of around $750 for 7 nights. The Value Resorts are the cheapest on property, and are nothing amazing, but we love them – they are fun, playful, and more than adequate for a place to rest your head. If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, Disney has PLENTY more options in their Moderate and Deluxe Resort Categories

Park Tickets – Adding a 6 day Park Hopper Ticket to your Disney Resort Stay as a “Package” will cost around $60 per person, per day (this is one easy way to save money, by purchasing a 6 day ticket instead of a 7 day ticket- as you probably won’t have time to enjoy 7 full days in the Parks due to travel times etc), for a total of $720

Dining – approx $56 per day, per person, for a total of $780 for the week. This Disney Dining Plan includes one Counter service meal (similar to a fast food restaurant), one snack, and one table service meal per day, per person – which is more than enough for us! Portions tend to be large, and a table service could be a buffet if you choose, so you certainly won’t go hungry!

Transportation – This one is tricky, because it all depennds on where you live and how you plan on getting to Disney. Since we live in New York, we fly into Orlando, which usually ends up costing about $260 per person, for a total of $520 for the two of us. I like to include airport parking in this too, so I usually budget around $600 for transportation. Once we arrive in Orlando, we take the free Disney Magical Express shuttle to our Disney Resort, and from there on out we use all Disney Transportation for the whole week, which is also free! If you want to rent a car to get around Disney and the surrounding attractions more easily, then that is something additional you would want to think about budgeting for

Souvenirs/Miscellanous – This category includes anything and everything from tipping your waiters to airport snacks and souvenirs and sunscreen and a million bottles of water….yeah, it all adds up, and you will want to be prepared for it! We usually average around $100 a day for all incidentals, some days it may be more some less, but around $700 seems to be a good amount for us

So….$750 Lodging + $720 Park Tickets + $780 Dining Plan + $600 Transportation + $700 Souvenirs = A Grand Total of $3550 for a 7 night, 6 day stay at Walt Disney World for 2 Adult Travelers

Does this dollar amount shock you? I don’t blame you – it’s not a small number. BUT – think about this – most other trips would cost just as much (a cruise, a trip to an all inclusive resort, etc), and there ARE ways to make your trip more cost effective. Check out the Walt Disney World website, and play around with their vacation planning tool, and while you’re there check out the current deals and promotions they are offering to see if any of them can work for you! Plus you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck – you will never be bored at Disney, there is always something to do or see or experience, and that is worth the price to me!

We book our Disney trips through AAA, and they can’t always get you a better deal, but they will try, and they know a lot about Disney so if you’re planning your first Disney trip they can be a great resource!

Now I would like to place a HUGE disclaimer on all of this – this is simply our experience, as 2 adults traveling to WDW, and we don’t take full advantage of all the discounts/promotions that Disney offers, mostly because we like to plan our trips a year or more ahead of time and those deals don’t always come out far enough in advance for us to be able to utilize them. So you may have a VERY different experience when it comes to pricing your trip – but I find that this is what works for us, and it’s a good example of what you can expect to pay to enjoy the Happiest Place On Earth!

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