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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney’s Live Action Dumbo Takes Flight!


Dumbo is one of those Disney movies I could never watch – it just was too much for me, emotionally. The mocking of Dumbo, the treatment of his mother, Dumbo and his mother and the song – I can’t – there just aren’t enough tissues in the world for it


So when I heard they were re-making it into a live-action film – let’s just say, my feelings were “mixed” at best…




But, after reading up on it – the cast seems really strong, and from what I have read and seen in trailers and such – it might just turn out to be an amazing remake! I will give it a chance…but I will still be bringing my tissues for SURE. The movie hits theaters next month – Will YOU be heading to see it?

Check out the “Sneak Peak” and Official Trailer Here



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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Angelina Jolie Transforms For “Maleficent”


Wow that’s creepy! Angelina Jolie can really transform into one evil looking Maleficent, am I right?

Disney’s “Maleficent” is due out in theaters on May 30th 2014, and it is the untold story of Sleeping Beauty’s iconic villain who has an idyllic life until her land is attacked and she rises to protect her people, but is betrayed and then begins to slowly turn evil as her heart turns to stone. Revenge is the name of the game as she sets her sights on Aurora by placing a curse on her. Dark stuff, right? Check out the official movie trailer here

TGIF Maleficent1




I love the darkness and the overall feeling I have of the movie so far – and I can’t wait to see it! What about you – will you head to theaters to check this out in May?


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