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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney – As Modeled By The World’s Cutest Baby (Part 2)

As promised, here are some more pictures of my little man sporting some awesome Disney threads:

dclothes2 1

That smile – melts me every time

dclothes2 2

Mickey footie Pj’s are a must on cold winter nights

dclothes2 3

Visiting the Easter Bunny in his “Sunday Best” – which includes a Mickey tie, and an adorable dress shirt and suspenders with mouse flair, too

dclothes2 4

Ok, so technically he isn’t modeling any Disney clothes in this one – but he just loves playing with his stuffed Mickeys and friends when he visits my parents (most of them were mine, which technically makes them “vintage” – and which also makes me OLD!)

Dclothes2 5

Nothing like a little Monsters Inc onesie action (and a cuddle from dad is pretty good too!)

Dclothes2 6

Eating Mickey while wearing Mickey

Dclothes2 7

Normally I wouldn’t buy “seasonal” clothes as they can only wear them for a few weeks (if that!) but I just couldn’t say no to these Disney Christmas Pajamas

dclothes2 8

Not sure about his first set of Mickey Ears…

dclothes2 9

Apparently he also isn’t sure about this Mickey hoodie since he’s trying to remove it – but at least he is smiling?

The great part about Disney clothes for little ones is – all of it stuff is easy to get – most of the outfits were gifts, and places Wal-Mart, Target, online (amazon,, etc) have a great selection to choose from

Even though I won’t be taking him to Walt Disney World for a few years, I like that I can still introduce him to all things Disney – including the clothes!


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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Starting Them Early With Disney Baby

I have talked before about how Disney is a great place for those of all ages, and it’s never too early to start getting your little ones interested in Disney characters, movies, and Theme Parks. There are TONS of ways to Disney-fy your baby from the moment they are born, and if you don’t have kids, then think about the chance to share your Disney love with others – I mean honestly, what could be better than a Disney themed baby shower gift?

TGIFBaby Costume

TGIFBaby Clothes

Whether it’s dressing baby


TGIFBaby Nursery2

Decorating the nursery

TGIFBaby Play1

TGIFBaby Play2

Enjoying playtime



Or trying out new foods at dinner time –

There are TONS of adorable and fun Disney accessories to outfit the Disney babes in your life! Disney baby stuff is everywhere – check your local Target, Babies R’Us, or Wal-Mart to check it all out!

Maybe someday I will get to buy all this adorable Disney Baby gear, but for now I am more than happy to enjoy visiting Walt Disney World as a (child free!) adult, and to play the part of “Honorary Aunt who spoils baby with Disney gifts”


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