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Quick Pros and Cons – Value Vs. Deluxe Resorts

I have started planning our next trip to Walt Disney World (yay!) for next September 2013. Yeah, it may be a year and a half away, but it gives us time to save up, and really think about how we can make this our best WDW vacation yet!

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

One question that came up immediately was where should we stay? It can be tough to figure out the WDW Resorts (if you need help deciding what level of resort would work best for you, check out my post on the WDW Resort Categories!), and after some intense deliberation, my husband and I narrowed it down to Disney’s classic Polynesian Resort, and Disney’s newest resort, the Art of Animation Resort

The Art of Animation Resort (What it WILL look like!)

Each resort had its pros and cons. The Polynesian Resort is on the monorail line which means the Disney Magic is just a short ride away, and it’s a beautiful tropical paradise where Hawaiian music plays and a fireworks viewing from their beach is an amazing end to any evening. Its main drawbacks for us were that they didn’t offer any regular rooms with king beds (just 2 queens), and the biggest negative about the resort is its cost – the per night room fee was nearly triple that of the Value level resorts, which meant that this paradise would cost us almost $2000 more for a week’s stay than the cheaper Resort options

The Art of Animation Resort is brand new (in fact it hasn’t even opened as of yet, the first rooms open later this month!) which means everything from the beds to the toilets will be new too! It is rumored to have a very different menu than the other Value Resorts, plus the bottom line is, it would make our vacation a LOT cheaper. The cons? The only transportation from this resort will be by Disney Bus, which can take a while and you can end up standing on a crowded bus for 20 minutes or more. Also, the rooms are small and aren’t exactly “romantic”, and are designed more for families than for couples like us. Also, with it being brand new, there are really no reviews to go by, so who knows how nice it will be?

The Extremely Kid Friendly Art of Animation Rooms

After weighing all the pros and cons, we have decided to go with the Art of Animation Resort. Between the $2000 savings and the promising food court choices, we are looking forward to experiencing this brand new addition to the Walt Disney World family of resorts. Yes, it will be crowded and loud, and yes we will have to wait for buses every time we want to go somewhere, but in the end, we think it will all be worth it

A typical room at the Polynesian (complete with balcony!)

As for the Polynesian, it really just didn’t make sense to spend THAT much more for a room that we will basically only be sleeping in. It is a beautiful resort, and we hope to someday be able to stay there, and I know there are tons of people out there who won’t stay anywhere else, but for now? We will keep visiting and hoping for our big lottery win, so that someday we can experience all the beauty and amenities a Deluxe Resort like the Polynesian has to offer

Most of all, we are just excited to be going to the Happiest Place On Earth!

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