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Mickey And Minnie – A Match Made In Heaven

Today my husband and I celebrate SEVEN years together – this is a big deal to us, as we have been through a lot and have done so much together, it really seems like a big milestone, and we are happy and proud to have had each other for the past seven years, and are greatly looking forward to many many more years of laughs, tears, vacations (to Disney!), dates, dogs, and fun! We have only been married for about 3 years, so yes, this means we are those people who still celebrate their dating anniversary even after they have gotten married- and it may seem lame, but we don’t care ha!
This got me to thinking about famous couples in love throughout history, and of course Mickey and Minnie came to mind – they have been appearing together since 1928 when Mickey appeared in the cartoon short “Plane Crazy” – where he builds his own aircraft, and brings Minnie along for his first flight. His attempts to kiss her result in her parachuting out of the plane, which distracts him enough to lose control of the plane and cause a crash landing. This was not their famous debut as a couple though – that wouldn’t occur until November 18th, 1928 – the day Steamboat Willie was released to the public with Mickey as the boats crew member and Minnie as it’s lone passenger.
Since then, Minnie has been rescued many times by Mickey, and her strong and fun personality have made her and Mickey one of the most well-known couples ever!
Disney Bonus Book, Black and White - 5. Mickey & Minnie
They may be animated, and they may be mice, but I know can only hope to someday have a love as strong as these two! (And in the meantime, I will settle for just being as cute as Minnie ha!)
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