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Disney Dining Selections – Where To Begin?


One of the best – and most challenging things about planning a Walt Disney World vacation is deciding where you want to eat while you’re there. Disney allows you to make ADR’s (advance dining reservations) 180 days prior to your vacation, which is great, but daunting at the same time

As an all adult party, we want to try and get a good mix of places, some that are more “adult friendly” (ie – ones that have good wine and beer lists and fine dining options!) as well as a few that feature characters (because deep down aren’t we all just big kids?). Also, we knew there were some places we had to revisit, but wanted to make sure we were trying new things too

So where do we begin? Well, for us, we know there are a few “must do’s”, which include:
Chef Mickey’s – A chracter meal where you get to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and
Donald while enjoying a range of buffet options. Often overlooked by ‘food snobs’ as being sub-par in the buffet department, but
I have always loved it – especially the soft serve ice cream sundae bar!

Crystal Palace – Another character meal – this time Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and
Piglet roam the dining room for hugs and pictures while you enjoy a delicious buffet that serves up 3 meals a day. The food is
a lot better than at Chef Mickey’s, and the location of this restaurant is great – its right on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom

Raglan Road Irish Pub – We’ve been to this Downtown Disney twice now, and can’t get enough of its huge bar
menu (with a big beer selection), amazing Irish dishes, and live entertainment. A must do, for sure

And of course we will want to try some new things, including Be Our Guest in the New Fantasyland, and some Italian at Via Napoli over in Epcot would be a great new experience for us too!


We will be using the Disney Dining Plan, which entitles each of us to 1 Table Service (sit down), 1 Counter service (fast food type) and 1 snack per person, per day, so this means that we will be planning 1 meal per day in advance. One thing that kind of throws a wrench in things is that we will be there at Christmas time, which means the Parks will be crowded, and that everyone will want to have a “special” meal booked for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Of course the Parks do some special meals to help people celebrate, which means that it will be even tougher to get a restaurant reservation for those days.

I guess at the end of the day, I will plan it out as best I can, and if we end up eating Butterfinger cupcakes and Turkey Legs for our family Christmas Dinner, who cares? At least I will still be with the people I love most at the place I love most!

So the best advice I can give to someone who is trying to plan their Disney meals is to use the Walt Disney World website to do some research and try something new – you’re on vacation after all, so step our of your comfort zone and try some African food, or Chinese or Japanese to mix it up!

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Top Five Reasons to Make Your ADR’s

Enjoying a delicious Zebra Dome at the always amazing Boma – an African buffet located in WDW’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Well, first question you might ask, what exactly IS an ADR? ADR stands for “Advance Dining Reservation”, and it’s Disney’s dining reservation system. So why should you make your ADR’s for your Walt Disney World vacation? Here are my top five reasons:


  1. ADR’s solve the age old question of “What are we going to eat for dinner?” – instead of trying to figure out on the fly where you will eat, you already have a spot reserved for you!
  2. It’s a way to get excited for your upcoming trip, as you can make your ADR’s 180 days before your WDW vacation, so it’s a great way for you and your family to take some time to research restaurants and pick your favorites together!
  3. If you’re a planner like me, then the ADR is just another tool you can use to help sketch out your Disney itinerary
  4. ADR’s help ensure you are getting a chance to eat at your top pick restaurants, and that you aren’t rushing around trying to find a sit down restaurant with a short wait time (those places are few and far between – trust me!)
  5. You can make your ADR’s online on the morning of 180 days before your WDW trip. You can also call to make your ADR’s, but for me personally, the online option is MUCH more appealing, and makes me about 100 times more likely to make ADR’s in the first place!


Please note – while it’s called a ‘reservation’, it’s actually similar to a priority seating system, where you are not guaranteed a table a specific time, but are guaranteed the next available table at or after your ADR time


I personally love the ADR system, I have used it several times, have found it easy to navigate, and have been able to get the restaurants I wanted every time (but I DID also have a back up list – which I strongly recommend you have too!). You can make your ADR’s on Disney’s Dining Website

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