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T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Delicious Disney Makes A Drool-Worthy Christmas Present

Merry (slightly belated) Christmas to all! Hope yours was full of food, family, friends, laughter and love – I know mine was! And I hope Santa brought you what you wanted – I must have been good, because I received some great gifts, including this “Delicious Disney” cookbook!

tgif deldis4I know I have mentioned Disney cookbooks before – I love them and think they are a great way to combine my loves of cooking/baking/food and Disney, and this particular cookbook had been on my wish list for a while, so I am excited to finally get to take a look at it!

TGIF Deldis 1

There are a lot of great recipes in it,

TGIF deldis2From meat and fish/main dishes,

TGIF deldis3

To breakfast favorites like this Tonga Toast (AKA fried/stuffed french toast heaven!)

What’s great about the recipes is each one tells you where you can find it at the Parks, so when you make it you can imagine you are sitting at that Disney restaurant and enjoying a great WDW vacation (something that I personally imagine almost every day!)


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Bringing Disney Home – And Into The Kitchen!

There is always a bit of a letdown once your Disney vacation is over – but there are ways to help cure this depression! One of them would be to check out some of the awesome stuff they have online at the Disney Store, or you can always watch a Disney movie, or look back at all your trip photos.

Another thing you can do is to get in the kitchen! That’s right, get cooking – Disney style, with some authentic Park and Resort recipes from these cookbooks:

Chef Mickey: Treasures From The Vault And Delicious New Favorites: includes fun facts and drool-inducing photos, it details exactly where each recipe was served, and includes a wide variety of recipes, from cocktails to salads and desserts!

Delicious Disney Cookbook: This book’s photos are also amazing, and this book also includes an assortment of recipes from the Parks and the Disney Cruise line. This book’s recipes are a little more creative and some are more labor intensive, and it’s a great gift for any disney food lover! There are also “Dessert” and “For Kids” versions

The above two books can be found online at the Disney Store website, but if you go on Amazon.com, you can find a large assortment of other books, ones that are no longer in publication, and some of them are pretty cool – definitely for the vintage Disney lover!

I have this “Cooking with Mickey Around Our World” book, it’s old school pictures are a trip and remind me of the WDW I remember from my childhood!

Personally, I have the Chef Mickey book, and I love it, it’s got some really interesting recipes and facts, and it’s a great way to cure the “I just left Disney blues”!

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Ditch the Monday Blues – Plan a Disney Cruise!

Are you sitting at work, daydreaming about your next vacation? I know I do that every day! And if you haven’t decided where your next vacation will take you, one suggestion I have is to look into taking a Disney Cruise

Disney has been working on expanding its Cruising capabilities and has grown to 3 cruise ships (they are adding a 4th as of next month!), and as of 2012 is departing from new ports in Texas and NYC, as well as adding iteneraries that include Hawaii and Alaska. Of course they also cruise to some of the more traditional spots, including the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Europe and Canada/New England. Crusing really is a great way to see new places, and try new things – like foods you have never tried before, or activities like snorkeling or parasailing, plus the great thing is a lot of things are included in the price you pay for the room – food/meals (including endless buffets of yummy goodies!), entertainment, on ship activities, room service….its great to not have to worry about paying for every little thing on a vacation!

Worried about being an adult trapped on a ‘Disney’ cruise ship full of kids and noise when all you want to do is relax? Fear not! While Disney may have gotten into the cruising business back in 1999 to create a ‘family’ experience, they didn’t forget about the adult travelers! There are plenty of activities and areas that are “kids only” that really do a great job of entertaining and occupying the children on board, so much so that you don’t even hear or see them that much while on board (which can feel strange, its like…where did the kids go? but can also allow you to relax and really enjoy the benefits of the ship and the cruise even more!). Check out Disney’s information on Cruising for Adults and see why it would be a perfect vacation for you

Personally, my favorite thing about the Disney Cruises is the ability to package it with a Walt Disney World vacation – you can choose to add days at the Parks onto you Cruise vacation, which really combines my two favorite vacations – cruising and WDW – into one amazing experience!

Check out more info Here and you can even sign up to receive a vacation information kit including a DVD about the Disney Cruise Line Here

Confused about cruising? Disney makes it easy with online information dedicated specifically to First Time Cruisers

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Disney World vs. a Cruise – which vacation is right for you?

Cruises and the Disney Parks are 2 of the most popular vacation choices in the world, and with good reason – they both have their benefits and can be amazing ways to escape and relax! Having been on both myself a few times, I can definitely see the good and bad sides of both vacations, and wanted to share some of the pros and cons with you, so that you can be better informed and pick the best vacation for you and your family:

-The Food – all you can eat buffet almost any time of the day, plus amazing food in the dining rooms and free room service
-Large array of drink options – the full bars all over the ship can make you just about anything you can think up!
-A full agenda – there is always something to do! There is a huge itenerary full of activities for you to choose from, and there is something to suit everyone’s interests. Plus, there are shore activities that you can partake in once you arrive at the ship’s ports of call – great things like parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving (plus many more!)
-You can See the World – its a great way to get to visit new places, and in some cases a ship may dock in 3 or more new places you have never been so if seeing new things is a goal for you, cruising is the way to go!

-Tiny Rooms – generally a cabin on a cruise ship is very small and in many cases have no windows, so it’s generally not a place you would want to spend a lot of time in (sure there are bigger rooms/suites available, but the cost can be super high for these types of accomodations). OH and tiny bathrooms…really tiny
-No wi-fi/phone access – this is slowly starting to change, but for the most part, when you are on a cruise ship, you don’t have cell phone coverage and most cruise lines don’t have unlimited wi-fi (to me, this is a plus, but for some people who need to be reached 24/7 this can pose a problem)
-Days at Sea not for everyone – depending on your itenerary, you can spend up to 1-3 days at sea in a row, and even with all the activities, the ship can start to feel slightly claustrophobic after that long, and the stir craziness can set in
-Crowded common areas – trying to get a seat at the pool on a sunny day at sea is really an art form, and the same goes for the buffets and deck chairs and pretty much every area where people can hang out

Walt Disney World:
-Variety of Food – There are so many choices of different places to eat, there really is something to please every palette. Plus there are classy sit down restaurants, and casual buffets, and counter service places, there really is every kind/type of food you could ever imagine available to you, plus they are amazing at catering to those with special Dietary Needs
-So Many Things to see – beyond the tons of rides and shows and attractions and parades at the parks, there are spas and pools and restaurants and shopping and water sports and so much more for you experience within the Walt Disney World Resort that there will never be a dull moment!
-Above and Beyond Service – the staff (or Cast Members) of Disney will truly do whatever they can to make your vacation a magical experience, and its this service plus Disney’s extreme attention to detail that make everyone feel welcome and at home at WDW

-Perception of it as a “place for kids” – When Walt dreamed up his ideas for Disneyland and Disney World, he truly did want them to be places where everyone can come and enjoy themselves no matter what age. I believe he has succeeded spectacularly and that there truly is something for everyone, but many people still see it as “kids stuff”, which is something that can really only be overcome by experiencing it yourself!
-Too much to do? – Many people say they need a ‘vacation from their vacation’ when they return home from WDW, because it is a fast paced place and theres always the feeling that you might be missing something so that keeps you running around and potentially getting frazzled, which no one wants on vacation
-Crowds – overall, you will spend a lot of time waiting at Walt Disney World – waiting in line for rides, waiting for shows to start, waiting at restaurants, waiting for buses/monorails/boats….they do their best to make even the wait times as painless as possible, but what it comes down to is you still have to wait, with WDW being one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, that means it will be full of people all the time, so be prepared to stand around and wait for pretty much everything (to me, it is more than worth the wait, but then again, I don’t have kids to entertain so that might be why it’s easier for me!)
-Cost – A WDW vacation can cost a lot, more than a cruise sometimes and more than other vacation destinations – its worth every penny and minute of planning that goes into it for me personally, but others might be scared off initially by the cost. Luckily, there are ways to help make it more manageable – check out my Money Saving Tips for planning your WDW vacation

….Of course, if you can’t decide between the two, you can always do a Disney Cruise, where you can combine the magic of Disney and the relaxation of cruising in one amazing vacation!

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T.G.I.F. Pic of the week – Cruisin’ with the Mouse



I just returned from a cruise that sailed to Bermuda. My husband and I went with another couple we are close friends with, and it was great spending time with them and getting to go to such an exotic place (well exotic to us anyway ha!)

That being said, the trip was disappointing in a few ways, first being that we arrived in Bermuda on Labor Day, and nothing was open, and the cruise.line had given us no indication whatsoever that things might be closed/close early due to the holiday. The second thing that was not great was the weather -we had to leave Bermuda a day early to avoid colliding with hurricane Katia, which meant even less shore time.

I couldn’t help but wonder…how would Disney have handled it? And I guess I am spoiled by the amazing service Disney gives, because I was expecting….something? A partial refund, a special dinner….but got nothing. I don’t blame the cruise line as they can’t predict or change the weather, and the service they provided was overall really good, but ONE thing is certain….next time I am doing a Disney Cruise – what better way to combine my love of Disney and cruising while still getting to travel to new places?

I think of my cruise and am grateful we were able to go, and can’t wait until its time to book our next one – you better believe it will be with Mickey and his pals


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