T.G.I.F. Pic Of the Week – The Best Toy Story 4 Character (WARNING – Spoiler ahead!)

Ready for the movie!

Last weekend we finally got to go see Toy Story 4 – and after hearing others saying things like “they should have stopped at 3” and it was only “ok” – I was worried if I would enjoy it. But I honestly LOVED IT – laughed out loud, cried at the end like a baby – amazing. And my son loved it too!

Asked him what his favorite part was after it was over – and he said Forky (no surprise there!)

For those who don’t know, Forky is Bonnie’s new toy that she made at school, and who she loves more than anything. Much of the movie revolves around Forky – teaching him how to be a toy and convincing him life is good as a toy – Woody takes on much of this mentor role and it is really well done!

My son then asked me what MY favorite part was – and here’s the spoiler:

My favorite part was Knifey – the girlfriend for Forky Bonnie made at school at the very end of the movie – in fact it’s in the first part of the credits! I just thought it was such a funny way to end a great movie!

What about YOU – did you see it yet? What was YOUR favorite part?


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One thought on “T.G.I.F. Pic Of the Week – The Best Toy Story 4 Character (WARNING – Spoiler ahead!)


    My favorite part was when Woody decided to stay with Bo!

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