T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – (Less Than!) Two Weeks Until Toy Story 4!

I have always been a big Toy Story fan – I bawled like a dang baby at the end of Toy Story 3 – and this time around, I get to share it with my son which is just the best!

He’s a big fan too – he’s seen the movies, knows the characters, and he even rode Slinky Dog Dash with me when we were at Walt Disney World last fall!

Disney is gearing up for the new movie – with merchandise (the toy sections at Walmart & Target are NOT SAFE parents – avoid at all costs unless you want to leave broke! If you’re at the store alone though – feel free to check it out – the new stuff is so cute!!), ads everywhere, and even new character experiences in Toy Story Land! Bo Peep Will soon start making regular appearances at Hollywood Studios – and for those of you expecting a docile sweet little thing – think again! She really comes into her own in this movie, showing how strong a woman can be!

Disney World isn’t the only place gearing up for the new movie – the toys are out in full force at our house, and we even made ourselves a Forky! Forky is a character new to Toy Story 4 – Bonnie creates him at school and brings him home to play with the other toys!

Luckily, Forky is easy to make – some popsicle sticks, a spork, Googly eyes & pipe cleaners and you’re in business!

What about you – are you excited for the new movie to open in theaters on June 20th?


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