T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Disney For Two

When I started this blog, my main goal was to express my love of Disney & specifically how much fun it could be for adults. Since then, I have had a son of my own, who we took to Disney World for the first time last fall – he loved it and we loved watching him experience all of that “Disney Magic”.

Next year, my husband and I are going on a cruise alone – just the two of us, and I can’t wait – some adult time (with an adult drink in our hands!) is just what we need – and what all parents really deserve! The cruise we picked sails out of Port Canaveral Florida – and for those of you familiar with the area, that is the closest port to the Orlando airport (about an hour away), which means – that’s right – we will be smack dab in the middle of MICKEY territory. Of course, I would never waste this opportunity – and am adding a Disney Parks day onto our vacation after our cruise!

Before our son, my husband and I went on several Disney World vacations just the two of us – and we had SO MUCH FUN! Here’s a few pics of us pre-kid, enjoying Disney World:

I cannot wait to be back there again with my

husband, and even if it’s just for a day, it will be so amazing to experience it like we used to pre-kid. Will it be kinda weird and a bit sad to not have our son there with us and will we miss him terribly? Of COURSE – but at the end of the day, everyone deserves a bit of “Adult” fun, right?


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