The Long LONG Wait Between Disney Trips…


Why is my husband gloomy like Eeyore? Because he doesn’t know when his next Walt Disney World vacation is going to be – and that can make days, weeks, months drag on without any end in sight…this may seem strange to those of you who don’t love Disney the way we do – but it’s like anything else really – you gotta have something to look forward to, right? For us Disney freaks, its our Disney vacations – the saving, the planning, the anticipation – it all leads up to some truly amazing experiences and makes for amazing memories too!

So obviously I like to plan my next WDW trip as soon as I return home from my last one (hey, it helps fend off the “post Disney blues”, which can be invaluable!), but unfortunately for me, I won’t get to do any of that anytime soon. Sad, right? Well, sorta – but in reality its pretty awesome – because the reason that we aren’t sure when our next vacation will be is that we are going to be HAVING A BABY! That’s right, a little future Disney lover of our own, due in October! We can’t wait – there will be so much to experience with a new addition to our family!

One of the things I can’t wait to experience is taking my child to Disney for the first time! I was 4 the first time I went, and I would like to think I can wait that long to bring my kid – any younger and you really don’t remember/understand much of whats going on I think. It’s very strange to me to think that the next Disney trip I plan may very well be with my CHILD! I am slowly getting used to the idea (along with all the rest of it of course – pregnancy, daycares, breastfeeding vs formula, ultrasounds, unwanted advice from anyone and everyone…) it’s a lot to take in! One thing that is helping me is remembering that my husband and I will get to expose our kid to the things we loved as children – and for me, that is of course – DISNEY!

Basically, I can’t wait to start planning my Disney 2018 trip – it will be here before I know it!

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