T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Cinderella’s Castle Celebrates With New Looks


Cinderella’s Castle is a thing of beauty – it stands tall and proud at the end of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, and I know I could spend hours just staring at it! The Castle has its classic look that we all know and love, but it also takes on other forms too – check out how the castle’s “wardrobe”


In 1996, the Castle was transformed into a GIANT birthday cake to commemorate Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary. The pink “icing” is made up of over 400 gallons of paint, plus an additional 1000 feet of inflatable “icing” was added to give it that “cake-y” look. The celebration went on throughout the Parks, and lasted through January of 1998 when the Castle was changed back to its original state


When the sun sets, the castle is illuminated by LED light fixtures that are placed on different castle levels and the surrounding areas, providing an effective range of 16.7 million colors

At closing time, the nightly ‘Kiss Goodnight’ is performed, with Roy Disney’s Magic Kingdom dedication speech played as the Castle changes colors in time with Disney music


The “Castle Dream Lights” are comprised of over 200,000 LED lights that cover the Castle and give it a festive look for the holiday season. What’s cool about these lights is they are actually sort of “draped” onto the Castle in nets that are colored to match the Castle and blend in during the daytime (if you get close you can see the web of lights against the castle surface!)

Wishes fireworks show (with Cinderella Castle behind), Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA

“Wishes” is the Magic Kingdom’s nightly show that combines music, lights, and projections onto the Castle, and ends with a spectacular fireworks show! It’s a really fun show to watch for those of all ages

Well, WDW sure knows how to dress up the Castle, and I feel grateful to have seen it in ALL of its different forms throughout the years


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