Packing Light For Disney

MickeyMin PackingPacking for a Disney World vacation can be a daunting task, there are a lot of things you will want to bring along (and if I were you, I recommend you bring along all the items on my Disney Survival Kit list), BUT, I know how important it can also be to pack light, no one wants to lug around a huge suitcase, and in our case, we have had some issues with airlines losing luggage, and try not to check bags when we travel

So what do we bring? Our rule of thumb is generally to bring “one of everything” – one pair of sneakers, one pair of jeans, one hoodie, one nice outfit, one pair of dressier shoes, etc. Yeah, you might have to re-wear something, and worse comes to worse if you spill something on your one pair of jeans, all Disney Resorts have laundry facilities on site

Another thing we do to save space is to wear the big stuff – the hoodie, jeans, and sneakers tend to take up the most space in the suitcase, so we make sure we wear those while traveling

When it comes to souvenirs, we make sure we are buying small items that we will definitely be able to fit into our bags. Our fave items? Disney pins, playing cards, pens, shot glasses, and postcards are all compact, easy to pack, fun items to bring back as trip momentos. Oh, and don’t forget about the best souvenir of all, the trip photos, which luckily don’t take up any space at all when stored in the camera!

My motto for packing is “When in doubt, leave it out!” which may seem silly, but if you find you arrive at WDW and you forgot to pack something, the Resort gift shops and nearby stores have almost anything you could need, so don’t worry – pack the essentials and get going!

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