The Disney Dining Plan: Why I Love It


There is a LOT of work that goes into Planning a Walt Disney World vacation, and I personally love every minute of it, but then again I make lists in my sleep, so for those of you who aren’t quite as super freakishly organized as me, the planning might seem like a daunting task

The Disney Dining Plan is something that can help make your vacation planning easier, not to mention it can help it run smoothly when you actually arrive at WDW. It’s basically a way to pre-pay for some or all of your vacation meals, and I love it

WHY do I love it? Well here are just a few reasons:

Pre Pay Saves On Out Of Pocket Costs: I like that I can add the Dining Plan while I am booking my Resort and Park tickets, and that means once I am in the Parks I am spending less money because I have already prepaid for a lot of my meals, so this helps me when I am putting together my vacation budget (always a tricky thing to do!)

Restaurant Selection: Almost all the restaurants in WDW accept the Disney Dining Plan, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part all the faves and classics are dining plan eligible (click here for a full list)

Mug Included: As of 2012, each guest using the Dining Plan received a free refillable mug, which means at counter service meals at your Resort, you not only get to pick up a drink of your choice, but you can also fill your mug seperately (coffee AND juice for breakfast anyone?). Oh, and it makes an adorable souvenir too

Different Plans fit Everyone’s Tastes: The “regular” or “standard” Dining Plan includes one sit down meal, one counter service meal, and one snack per person for each night of your stay. Think that’s too much food for you, or would you rather spend time at the Parks then at a sit down restaurant? Well then try the Quick Service dining plan which replaces the sit down with another counter service meal option. Does your party have big appetites? Then you may want to consider the Deluxe dining plan, which allows for more sit down meals and makes sure your family is full and fueled up!

Makes My Life Easy: When I arrive at Walt Disney World, one of the first things I want to do is eat – not only because WDW has AMAZING food, but also because I am likely starving from traveling all day and avoiding the crappy $12 sandwiches that seem adundant at most airports. So upon arrival, I want to head to the closest counter service eatery and get my grub on – with the Dining Plan, all I have to do is pick my meal, drink, and dessert and with one easy swipe of my room key at the register I am done, no cash or credit card needed. It really is that easy, and I am grateful for one less thing I have to worry about while on vacation


Check out the official Dining Plan information on WDW’s website, and see if it’s right for you!

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2 thoughts on “The Disney Dining Plan: Why I Love It

  1. I’ve never understood DDP complaints- if you are a planner, it’s the way to go- we do deluxe during F&W and do a signature for dinner and freestyle lunch, saving all the snacks for festival boothes- total win!

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