The Disney Chase Visa Rewards Credit Card – Is It Right For You?

Let me just first start out by saying that I am SO NOT being paid in ANY way to endorse the Disney Chase Visa, it’s just something I happen to have and like, and wanted to share some information on it so you can make the decision on if it’s something that could possibly benefit you too!


Ok, so that being said, let’s talk about the Disney Chase Visa Credit Card – it’s sponsored by Disney, and is a credit card that allows you to earn 1% rewards on all purchases you make. So basically, you spend $100 and you get 1 “disney rewards dollar”, which you can use online at the, or in the Parks, or to help pay for your Disney vacations! I have spent the rewards online at the Disney store, and have also used them for Park souvenirs. Currently, I am saving up my rewards dollars for my Sept 2013 Disney World trip, and am hoping to pay for ALL our souvenirs that way – fingers crossed that we have enough by that time!


Personally, I love the card, it’s easy to manage your account and rewards information online, and I use it for groceries, gas, and any other “big” expenses (usually anything over $50 goes on the card). It’s just another way to help us save for those expensive Disney vacations, and another perk of being such a Disney World fan!


Disney often offers bonuses or incentives to try and get you to sign up for the card, in my case it was a $200 Disney gift card, an offer too good to pass up! In fact, both my husband and I have the card, which means we got $400 worth of Disney gift cards, which we put towards our last trip (talk about a bonus!)


Check out the Official Disney Chase Visa website for more information

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