Packing For The Parks – What To Bring

My husband – sporting a poncho and our messenger bag filled with Park essentials!


There are a lot of ways you can prepare for your Walt Disney World vacation, including mapping out your days, making your Advance Dining Reservations, and reading guidebooks. Another way you can (and should!) get ready is to pack the things you will need while at the Parks – here are some that I never leave home without:
Sneakers – ok, so you aren’t going to bring these with you to the Parks, obviously you will actually WEAR them, but it’s really important to wear some supportive, broken in sneakers – as you will be walking many miles a day while touring. And even though it may be hot, and those flip flops may seem like a good choice, trust me, they are NOT – stick with sneakers, your feet will thank you!
Water Bottle – fill it up with ice and water before you leave your Resort and make sure to keep drinking up all day! The Florida heat can really take it’s toll and this is one of the ways you can fight against it!
Sunscreen – Bring it. wear it. reapply every hour. It is a pain, but it’s worth it. Like the heat, the Florida sun can be brutal too – and a sunburn can ruin any vacation!
Tylenol – or whatever your preferred medicine is for aches/pains/headaches. WDW is a loud place, and you don’t want to be caught without something to help relieve that headache that came on suddenly while you were in line for Space Mountain!
Ponchos – Florida weather can be….unpredictable at best. Hot and sunny one minute, thunder and pouring rain the next….so buy some ponchos at home (I get ours in 2 packs from the dollar store) and bring them with you. Various retailers sell them around the Parks, but it’s much easier to bring your own than trying to scramble to buy some at the last minute
Snacks/Candy – For a quick boost when I don’t feel like stopping at a snack cart or restaurant, I pack some granola bars or hard candies, anything small that I can eat while in a line or waiting for a bus/boat
Ziploc Baggies – I usually bring a few of these in assorted sizes, so I can put my wallet/cell phone in them when riding the more ‘wet’ rides – like Splash Mountain. They are also great for saving the part of that giant Mickey cookie you couldn’t finish for later!
I like to pack everything in a messenger bag or backpack which my husband and I can take turns carrying, and we have found that these are all invaluable items to have with us while enjoying Disney!
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One thought on “Packing For The Parks – What To Bring

  1. disneyballerina

    I totally agree! My list is almost identical! My husband and I also carry a small backpack and take turns carrying it. Your list is must do when traveling to the parks!! Great info!!

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