T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Hats Galore!

Everyone knows about the classic Mickey Ears you can purchase at the Disney Parks, the black ones where you can get your name embroidered on the back. Who doesn’t love those – I have a set from when I was a kid and they bring back lots of great memories

These days, Disney has definitely spiced things up when it comes to hats – there are so many fun choices, it seems there really is one for everyone!

Star Wars Ears


Leopard Ears – saw these at Animal Kingdom Lodge


Classic Mickey and Minnie ears


Sorcerer Mickey


The Bridal Minnie Ears


Groom Mickey


Santa Mickey!

We always have fun trying on all the different hats, and it’s always fun to see what new hats they have on our trips to Walt Disney World!

My favorite Disney hat? Well, on my first ever trip to WDW (I was 4), I saw a little girl with a Daisy Duck hat, it had a huge plastic yellow beak for its brim, and Daisy had long fake eyelashes. It was tacky, heavy, and I wanted it. My parents gave in and got it for me, and I wore it proudly, even though  by the end of the day my head was droopy from the weight of the hat (needless to say, they don’t make them like that anymore- the brims are now made mostly of foam!)



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5 thoughts on “T.G.I.F. Pic Of The Week – Hats Galore!

  1. Have you seen the new mini ear hats that they’re about to release? Adorable!
    I still have the Mickey version of that Daisy Duck hat you describe, and yes, it’s heavy!!

    • I haven’t seen the mini ones but I will def take a look online to check them out! I also love the ones that they have in Disneyland that light up with the World of Color show – so awesome! Gotta love the old 80’s hats haha!

  2. YES gift store Disney hat photos!! I have tons of these from our trips. So much fun!

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