Favorite Disney Rides – Star Tours

Location –  Star Tours is located in Disney’s Hollowood Studios Theme Park, and you really can’t miss it – just look for the giant AT-AT and you’ll have found this Star Wars themed simulator ride
What it’s Like – Take a journey to a galaxy far far away as you board this flight/motion simulator. The vehicle may not physically be moving along a track, but the technology and special effects definitely make you feel like you are sprinting at light speed as you try and escape from Darth Vader and make it back home safely! The ride itself looks pretty much like a movie theater, only smaller, and with seat belts. You strap in, and blast off into space! There are over 50 different versions of the ride, so chances are good you will get a different experience each time you board the space vehicle
Why I Love It – Truth be told, this is really not one of MY favorites – its really my husband who loves this one. He loves that it really follows the movies, and that it’s creative and immersive – you really feel like you’re a part of the ride. I definitely agree with him, this ride is a LOT of fun, which is why I don’t mind riding it a few times in a row! Oh, and they recently redid the ride last year, and it’s now in 3D, which means better, more realistic effects, and it also means super awesome 3D glasses!
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7 thoughts on “Favorite Disney Rides – Star Tours

  1. Ok, maybe this is awful, but before they revamped it, we called it the best queue on the worst ride! We love it now- but we are dorks.

  2. Can’t wait to finally experience the new ride in October!!!!!!!

  3. magicaldetailstravel

    Love the new Star Tours, one of the most successful refurbishments in years!

  4. Great description. I can’t wait to ride the new Star Tours. There are a few videos of the new ride here:


    They are all in 2D so it’s not all blurry like when recording a 3D screen without the glasses. Check it out.

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