Dinner And A Movie – All In One Place!

One of the newer additions to the entertainment and dining complex of Downtown Disney is the AMC Downtown Disney 24, a movie theater featuring 24 theaters, larger screens and enhanced audio, a full service bar and lounge area, PLUS the “Fork and Screen” Dine-In Theater option!

The Seating (and Dining!) area in the theaters

Once you arrive at the theater, you take your seat and then you can peruse the menu – options include specialty cocktails, appetizers like parmesan fries, and entrees which include blackened salmon and mac and cheese with chicken. Once you’ve made your choices, you press the call button and your server will come take your order (you also can utilize this button should you need anything during the movie, extra napkins, drink refills etc)

The food is prepared hot and fresh to order, and is delivered to be enjoyed while you watch your movie! What could be better than (delicious) dinner and a movie all rolled into one?? Not much, I don’t think!

You can order your tickets and even pick your seats for the movie before you leave home at http://www.amctheaters.com – a cool perk which is right up my alley!!

Check out this review of the Fork and Screen experience, and consider adding this to your Disney itenerary (it would make a great rainy day activity, wouldn’t it?)

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2 thoughts on “Dinner And A Movie – All In One Place!

  1. I still can’t decide if I like this or not! Is it noisy or distracting with all the coming and going? Would other people eating put me off the movie? Would me eating put me off the movie?…. I guess I would need to experience it to make my decision!!

    • Haha I have all those same questions!! From reviews I have read its not too bad as far as being distracted, but who knows! I want to give it a go for myself!!

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