The Addiction of Disney Pin Trading

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a whole week in Walt Disney World, and prior to that trip I was doing a lot of research. Most of it was on restaurants and rides/attractions at the Parks etc, but one other thing I was doing some reading about was Disney Pin Trading

I talked about it recently in this post, and I had been considering if it was something I wanted to get into or not

Well….let’s just say….once I got to WDW, I got the pin trading bug

There’s me with my new pin collection, and it all started when I saw someone had a Fozzy Bear pin and he was wearing Mickey Ears – Fozzy in Mickey Ears, how cute is that?? I had to have one, and so began the search. As it turns out, that pin comes only in a set of 7 pins, featuring various Muppets in Mickey Ears….so….I bit the bullet and purchased the set (at a crazy sounding $29.95!), and then magically I had 7 pins already to start my collection!

Then I even did a pin trade with a Cast Member for a really cool Alice In Wonderland pin, and from there, it just went on….a pin here, a pin there, finally I broke down and bought a lanyard too….and now I am home from my trip and I have hung my lanyard proudly in my office, and you would think that would be the end of it (at least until my next Disney trip). NOPE! As it turns out, you can order an assortment of pins online (check them out Here), so I have already ordered a few new ones to add to my collection

I think the main reason I like Pin collecting/trading is because it is so customizable, there are HUNDREDS of pin choices available in the parks, not to mention the trading aspect, which opens up even more (and rare/unique!) options

Another great thing about it is you can capture memories with it. For example, my family and I had the chance to ride the Main Street Trolley on our trip (something we don’t often get to do), so that day I bought a Min Street Trolley pin to commemorate the experience, and now every time I see that pin I will remember that horse drawn trolley ride down an almost empty Main Street USA.

I always told myself I would never get into Pin collecting/trading, that it was silly, but I am definitely starting to see the appeal, it’s something interesting and fun for those of all ages!

Thinking Pin Trading might be for you? Check out these tips on how to Get started with Pin Trading, and also this information on Pin Trading Etiquette

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4 thoughts on “The Addiction of Disney Pin Trading

  1. We tried pin trading- once we’d bought the pins we couldn’t bear to part with them, so I changed the backs to regular pin backs and kept them in the wardrobe rotation!

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