WDW- Truly A Shopper’s Paradise

I know I have mentioned before about how great the shopping is at Walt Disney World, and it’s something that definitely bears reiterating.

Pretty much every ride or attraction ends in a gift shop – literally – you exit the ride, walk to the exit, and poof you are magically deposited into a place where you can shop for Disney Merchandise, which is usually themed after the ride you just went on. It is genius on Disney’s part really – you just had an awesome time riding Space Mountain, and you walk into the gift shop at the exit to Space Mountain, and what better way to commemorate your fun ride than with a Space Mountain souvenir?

In addition to all the post-ride shops, there are stands and carts and full blown stores everywhere, so many stores with so much merchandise that you could spend your entire vacation touring just the stores and not even see them all!

My favorite place to pick up Walt Disney World souvenirs? That would have to be The Emporium in the Main Street USA area of The Magic Kingdom. It is the largest gift shop in the Magic Kingdom, and it’s arranged in several rooms that are all connected, each of which have different types of merchandise in them – like apparel, kitchen and home items, and toys. My favorite part is all the kitchen items – so far I have shown great restraint and only have purchased a few baking necessities, like the mickey cookie cutter and oven mitt (I love baking, so these were definitely in the category of ‘necessary’!), but I know its only a matter of time until I outfit my whole kitchen with “Mickey” accessories!

Check out all the places you can spend some time (and money!) shopping at Walt Disney World Here

My best tip on how to not overdo it on shopping while at Walt Disney World? It’s simple really, just stop and THINK before you buy, make sure you are only buying souvenirs you really can use and will get joy out of using!

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