Happy Leap Day (almost)! How will you spend your “One More Day?”

Leap Day is tomorrow, February 29th, and it’s something that comes along only once every 4 years, which makes it kind of unique! How will you be spending your Leap Day? Personally, I like my husband’s suggestion that it be a “Universal Day Off” where we all stay home and relax, since its not a ‘real day’, how can we be expected to work? Ah, if only!
Personally, I will be at work as usual, but I know where I will be wishing I was….
Disney is, of course, taking advantage of this ‘extra day’ and celebrating with “One More Disney Day”. What does this mean? Well, basically it means that Disneyland Park in California and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida will be staying open for a full 24 hours, from 6am Feb. 29 to 6 am March 1 in honor of the Leap Year! This is the first time ever that the parks will be open for a full 24 hours straight, and I have a feeling lots of people will be taking advantage of it!

Special events/entertainment to make the day extra special will include: A special welcome ceremony at 5:50 am on Feb 29, a “dance the night away party” from 1-5:30 am on March 1, and a Frontierland hoedown hosted several times during the wee hours of the morning. In addition, they are planning extra character meet and greets, and special restuarant menus and treats to keep guests awake, entertained, and in the Disney spirit!
It’s also rumored that Mickey and Minnie will be making an appearance in their pajamas – which to me is reason enough to stay up late (or really not go to bed!) that night. Does this mean I get to wear my pj’s too if I go? Hmm….something to think about!
Leave it to Disney to take something as simple as an extra day in the year and turn it into something as amazing, and fun as “One More Disney Day”! To all those who will be at the parks celebrating tomorrow, have a great time, and I am sure it will be a day/night that you won’t soon forget!
However you celebrate it, hope you have a Happy Leap Year Day!
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