Vacationing at WDW – WHEN to go?

Once you have decided to take a vacation to Walt Disney World (one of the easiest and best decision you will ever make for sure!), the next thing you have to decide is WHEN to go, and this can be a tough one to answer, as there are a lot of factors to consider.

One of the benefits of being an adult traveling to WDW with other adults is that you don’t have to work around a school schedule as far as going on a school break or summer vacation etc, which means you can pretty much go anytime you want. This is a HUGE bonus in my book, as the times when kids are off from school are some of the most crowded, meaning longer lines, longer waits at restaurants, more standing on buses/monorails, and overall just more people!

Here is a basic rundown of the ”Disney Seasons” that can help get you started on when would be the perfect time for you and your loved ones to vacation in Walt Disney World. Once you’ve got the time of year picked out, check out The Official Disney World Planning Website for more information and to price/book your vacation.

Other things to take into consideration when picking when to visit WDW would be Special Events that might be happening while you’re there which could increase crowds, the weather (florida isn’t always sunny and warm, you’ll want to look out for hurricane season, and it also tends to rain a lot there in my experience!), and of course prices – the prices for the resorts change with the seasons and holidays, and that can definitely make a difference on when you are able to go. For more information on the Resorts and how much they will cost at varying times of year, Click Here, and select your desired resort for detailed information including pictures, descriptions, and prices.

My personal rule of thumb is if it’s not a holiday, or kids aren’t off from school, than its probably a good time to visit Walt Disney World. That being said, I have been during Easter Break, Spring Break, and Summer vacation, and while they are all crowded, it’s certainly not unmanageable, and no matter when you decide to go, you will definitely have a great time in the Place Where Dreams Come True!

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