Ditch the Monday Blues – Plan a Disney Cruise!

Are you sitting at work, daydreaming about your next vacation? I know I do that every day! And if you haven’t decided where your next vacation will take you, one suggestion I have is to look into taking a Disney Cruise

Disney has been working on expanding its Cruising capabilities and has grown to 3 cruise ships (they are adding a 4th as of next month!), and as of 2012 is departing from new ports in Texas and NYC, as well as adding iteneraries that include Hawaii and Alaska. Of course they also cruise to some of the more traditional spots, including the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Europe and Canada/New England. Crusing really is a great way to see new places, and try new things – like foods you have never tried before, or activities like snorkeling or parasailing, plus the great thing is a lot of things are included in the price you pay for the room – food/meals (including endless buffets of yummy goodies!), entertainment, on ship activities, room service….its great to not have to worry about paying for every little thing on a vacation!

Worried about being an adult trapped on a ‘Disney’ cruise ship full of kids and noise when all you want to do is relax? Fear not! While Disney may have gotten into the cruising business back in 1999 to create a ‘family’ experience, they didn’t forget about the adult travelers! There are plenty of activities and areas that are “kids only” that really do a great job of entertaining and occupying the children on board, so much so that you don’t even hear or see them that much while on board (which can feel strange, its like…where did the kids go? but can also allow you to relax and really enjoy the benefits of the ship and the cruise even more!). Check out Disney’s information on Cruising for Adults and see why it would be a perfect vacation for you

Personally, my favorite thing about the Disney Cruises is the ability to package it with a Walt Disney World vacation – you can choose to add days at the Parks onto you Cruise vacation, which really combines my two favorite vacations – cruising and WDW – into one amazing experience!

Check out more info Here and you can even sign up to receive a vacation information kit including a DVD about the Disney Cruise Line Here

Confused about cruising? Disney makes it easy with online information dedicated specifically to First Time Cruisers

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