Disney Pin Trading 101 – The Basics

Over the past ten years or so, I have been hearing more and more about Disney Pin Trading, and seeing more and more people in the parks with lanyards and backpacks full of pins, so finally I gor curious enough to do some online research. Needless to say, there is a LOT more to it than I thought!

Pin trading started back in 1999 in the Disney Parks, and there have been thousands of pins created since then. Basically what it is, is you can purchase pins at many different locations throughout the Parks, and there are tons of different kinds, you can get one of your favorite ride or character or movie or food (yes even food ones ha!), and start a collection that can really reflect your personality and your likes/dislikes. That sounds pretty cool to me, getting to collect them one by one, picking the perfect ones for me that really can be a representation of myself, as well as of my trips and Disney memories.

How the trading portion works is all Disney employees (Cast Members) wearing Pin lanyards are eligible to trade pins with you, and what’s even cooler is if you see they have one you want, as long as it is within the Official Pin Trading Guidelines, they have to trade it with you! In addition, you can make trades with other guests, keeping in mind though that they aren’t like Cast Members and don’t *have* to trade with you if they don’t want to

The cost of the pins starts at $6.95, and can go up to $15 (with some limited editions/special artist collections costing more, up to and above $30 a pin!). That being said, it can certainly be a pricey collection, and Disney capitalizes on that fact by making it super easy to purchase the pins/lanyards/accessories-they are literally all over the parks, and certain pins can also be purchased Online through Disneystore.com.

Check out the Offical Pin Trading Website, where you can search for pins, check out upcoming releases and pin events, and learn more about the large world of pin trading. Also, check out this Article for more information – the headline made me laugh – “Disney Pin Trading – Innocent Hobby…or Obsession?” Which is kind of how I feel about it ha!

In the words of Disney, Pin Trading and collecting is a great way to “build a priceless collection full of Disney memories, stories and friendships that will last a lifetime”. So, I am wondering if it is something I should get into, or if it’s like a WDW t shirt or hoodie, something I get excited about and buy while in the park, but then once I get home I never wear it…what exactly would the purpose of the pins be outside of the Parks? I think on my next trip I will make it my mission to research this more, and will hopefully come up with some answers….but more than likely I will just come home with $200 worth of pins ha!

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