WDW Resort Hotel Rooms – Deciphering The Categories

A Standard Room at WDW’s All Star Movies Resort

So you’ve decided to take a Walt Disney World vacation (yay for you!), and you’ve decided to stay on property at one of WDW’s Resort Hotels (double yay for another smart choice on your part!). So you’ve already picked your Resort Hotel (oh wait, you haven’t? Don’t fret! Check out my post on How to pick the right WDW Resort), and now it’s time to book your trip and you’re online or at your travel agent – when the question comes up – “What type of room do you want?”. Well, there are a few choices here, lets go through them so you will have an answer to this questions when the time comes:

For those of you choosing one of the Value Resorts, your choices are relatively simple for room types – Standard or Preferred Rooms are the only 2 room categories available. Preferred simply refers to location – meaning it is closer to the main buildings/check in/food court/bus stop areas. This can be super helpful for those parties traveling with small children or for those who simply don’t want to have to walk another mile back to their rooms after a long day touring the Parks! There might be some confusion as to whether or not preferred room here means it will have a King Bed or not – when the fact is that you can’t guarantee a King Bed at a Value Resort – you can request one when you’re making your reservations (and you can call the resort a few days prior to your arrival to reiterate your request) but it is merely a preference – not a guarantee, even if you book a preferred room. I actually made this mistake when booking my honeymoon thinking it would score us a King Bed – all it got us was a room with the regular double beds that was right by the pool (which made it super noisy pretty much 24/7). So, what it breaks down to is Standard = a regular room that could be located anywhere at the Resort, Preferred = a room closer to the main hotel amenities. Preferred rooms will run about $10-$15 more per night than Standard rooms.

It gets a little more complicated when it comes to rooms at the Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. There is again the ‘standard’ category, which basically is again just a room wherever they can place you. From there, it’s really all about view, either Water View/Garden View/Balcony Rooms, etc (these depend on which resort you are actually staying at). Obviously, the better the view, the higher the price so don’t forget to take that into consideration too! On top of the view categories, there is also the “King Room” category for Moderate and Deluxe rooms – which means you CAN actually reserve a room with a King bed at these resorts (unlike the Value Resorts). Costs for a better view or a guarantee of a king bed can range from $10-$50 more per night at the Moderate Resorts, to $30-$300 more per night at the Deluxe Resorts (hey, if you want to wake up to a view of Cinderella’s Castle, it’s going to cost you!)

Not sure which room type is right for you? Check out detailed pricing information plus TONS of great pictures of each type of room here

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