T.G.I.F Pic Of The Week – Love is in the Air


Can you believe it is already February?? The start of this month means many things – that I am closer than ever to my next Disney World vacation, that winter is closer to being over, and most importantly – that Valentine’s Day is upon us! Personally, I love the holiday – and what’s not to love? Candy, flowers, hugs, kisses, and if you are single or hate the holiday, its a perfect excuse to hole up in your house and eat ice cream and french fries for dinner while you hate the world!
For those of you who are more into feeling the LOVE, like me, here are some adorable valentine’s day gift ideas courtesy of www.Disneystore.com – they feature everyone’s favorite couple – Mickey and Minnie
And if you are lucky enough to get to visit one of the Parks around V Day, check out the adorable themed snacks like these Rice Krispie treats with adorably love-y sprinkles!
I know I am feeling the love this time of year, and hopefully these pics will inspire you to, too! TGIF!!
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