Why vacation at WDW? The Reasons are Endless…

When I tell people I am planning *another* vacation to Walt Disney World, I often get THAT LOOK from people, they smile and say “that’s nice”, but what they are really thinking is “wow that’s lame”. As an advocate for WDW vacations, it’s hard not to get at least slightly offended by those looks. WDW has so much to offer, especially for adult travelers, and I wish I could tell those people about all this:

Relaxation: One of the biggest problems people have with Walt Disney World is it’s not your typical “relaxing” vacation where you sit around or lay around on the beach and do nothing. I can’t argue with this, as the parks do tend to be crowded, loud, and can leave you feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation! The key to relaxing on your WDW vacation is simple – do what you want to do, and ignore the rest. You want to spend 3 hours getting a massage and manicure at a fancy spa? You can do that at WDW. You want to lay out on a beach and get a tan? You can do that at WDW. You want to float in a pool on a hot sunny day? You can do that at WDW. You want to enjoy a 7 course meal in a 5 star restaurant? That’s right, you can do that at WDW too….you get the idea ha, it’s not just kids stuff and rides and screaming babies…the resort is so big that they are able to cater to all kinds of desires and can handle just about anything you can dream up!

Food: OMG THE FOOD I get excited just thinking about, honestly – the food at Walt Disney World is the best food I have ever had in my life – no lie! The variety is endless – any kind of food you can imagine – from unique African fare at buffet Boma, to dinner with Mickey himself at Chef Mickey’s, to amazing baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and so much more found all over all the parks and resorts! Seriously, this is not crappy theme park burgers and hot dogs, its anything and everything you can imagine…check out this Search Tool to help you find the perfect Disney Restaurant (thanks to our friends at the Disney Food Blog!)

Culture: Yes, that’s right, culture – as in worldly atmosphere, as in soaking in some culture…take a trip to Epcot’s World Showcase and you can experience Japanese, Norwegian, and Chinese customs and traditions (plus many more other countries!). And these aren’t just lame little reproductions, the people, stores, restaurants, and performances are all authentic and true to their country of origin. They really strive to make it a learning experience, but one that is actually fun as well as informative (I used to not care much for this area when I was younger, but now it amazes me, plus the fact that you can have a different ‘adult drink’ in every country doesn’t hurt either ha!)

Shopping: There is a store or shop or stand everywhere you turn at Walt Disney World, and they sell just about anything they can print a Mickey head on. I love shopping for souvenirs at WDW, there are so many different and fun things from Disney movies and there really is a perfect gift for everyone. However, not everyone loves Disney merchandise (weird, right?), so for those who are in the market for something different, just head over to Downtown Disney, where in addition to the traditional WDW shops, they have more boutique-like stores featuring teas, wines, soaps and bath products, clothes, and much much more. Best part about Downtown Disney is that you won’t need a theme park pass to shop til you drop!

Luxury: Now I already mentioned the spas and the restaurants that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, but Disney has even more luxury to offer in it’s Resort hotels – they have several “Deluxe” hotels where the rooms are big, and the views are amazing, Not to mention the beds are comfortable and a perfect place to rest your head after a long day experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth. Too tired to make it to a restaurant? Order room service and eat in bed…I can’t imagine a more perfect end to a more perfect day at Walt Disney World!

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