DisneyWORLD vs. DisneyLAND – what’s the difference?

Disney World in Florida

I am lucky enough to have traveled to both Walt Disney World in Florida and DisneyLand in California. Both are amazing and magical places, and there are a lot of similarities between them.

What’s the same? – Walt Disney himself is the man behind the magic of both places, and his visions and ideas are carried out all over both the World and the Land

-They both have a Magic Kingdom Park, and when you enter you get a gorgeous view of the Castle up ahead down Main Street

-Many of the rides are similar, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain (two of my personal faves!).

-The food is amazing at both places – from the Mickey Waffles to mouth watering baked goods, you won’t leave hungry from either park! And best of all, you can dine with the characters at both places too!

-The feeling you get when you walk into the Magic Kingdom, and see the view of the castle down Main Street, and smell the baked goods, and hear the music wafting through the air, it all adds up to the same amazing feeling. For me, its as though I have come home, and I am back in the place I belong. For you, it might be a feeling of nostalgia, youth, or just plain old fashioned fun!

What’s Different?- Ok, the magic may be the same, but its definitely a different experience, and you have to expect some differences

SPACE – this was the first one I noticed. Upon arriving at Disneyland, we had to park in a tall parking garage, and once in the park, I noticed the lines for the rides were mostly outside and the rides were closer together, and overall there was just a feeling of closeness. I wouldn’t call it overcrowded, but the Florida property definitely has the advantage here – they have room to grow and develop new rides, resorts, and ideas – while in California they are somewhat more limited here

Different Princesses reside in each castle – at Disneyland, your view down Main Street is of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, whereas at Disney World you see Cinderella’s abode (and once the Fantasyland expansion is complete you will see the Beast’s castle too!). This may seem like a silly point to make, but if you have a little girl who is into the Princesses (or hey if you’re into them!), this matters! But trust me, the view is just as beautiful in both places!

-Different themed parks  – Aside from the similar Magic Kingdoms, the World and Land each have their own theme parks that make them unique – Disneyland has California Adventure – themed after California’s rich history and geography, while Disney World has Hollywood Studios (with a movie theme), Epcot (with a futuristic and worldly theme), and Animal Kingdom (sort of like a zoo with really fun rides too!)

-You can’t mess with the original – DisneyLand came first, and that will never change, nor will the fact that Walt Disney actually saw the opening of Disneyland and some may argue that more of his ideas were carried out here then in Disney World (which he sadly never got to see completed). Disneyland is the first, the true vision of the Man Behind the Mouse, and many people refuse to go to any other Disney Park on that fact alone (sadly, they are missing out!)

At the end of the day, Where you end up vacationing is up to you, both places are equally as amazing and magical, and while I personally say I am a Disney World girl through and through, I would NEVER turn down a chance to see where the magic really started (plus the weather in California is amazing which doesn’t hurt!)

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6 thoughts on “DisneyWORLD vs. DisneyLAND – what’s the difference?

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  2. I have the opportunity to go to both parks next month (first Land then World the next week), and I am so excited to see the similarities and differences!

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