Being sick on vacation is no fun….trust me!!

My husband and I were so looking forward to our trip to Walt Disney World, we never dreamed our biggest/most expensive souviner would be a trip to the Central Florida Emergency Room.

I got sick with a sinus infection pretty much the moment we stepped off the plane in Orlando, and the pain I was in ruined a lot of our trip.

As it turns out, I actually didnt have a sinus infection, I had a toothin desperate need of a root canal, something that two urgent care and two ER visits couldnt have diagnosed. It was a horrible way to spend a vacation, and it just goes to show that you can be overly prepared and organized (like me) but still not be able to anticipate all the possibilities.

Luckily, my being sick did have one positive result-it caused us to SLOW DOWN to not rush through the Disney experience, and to enjoy what we could, when we could.

Oh, and in true disney fashion…..we were calling a cab at the ER to get back to Disney and the receptionist said our resort would reimburse us for the cab fare. I was confused and asked her why they would do that, and she looked back at me and said “because its DISNEY” (im surprised she didnt say “duh” after lol)

They take care of their guests as much as they can at Disney, and we had a good time, despite it all.

Moral of this story-expect the unexpected in Disney, and be ready to roll with the punches!!

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