Less than one month….


In less than one month I will finally get to return to the Happiest Place On Earth, and I could not be more excited. Disney will be in full Christmas spirit, with decorations and good cheer as far as the eye can see!

And the best part is, as an adult visiting Walt Disney World is that you’re in charge of your own vacation, you can do what you want, eat where you want, ride what you want….when you’re a kid, you may have a say in the vacation choicea, but you generally aren’t in charge.

The hardest part about being an adult vacationing in WDW is deciding what to do first! Luckily there is plenty of help with that (books, online forums and websites, and of course blogs by Disney fanatics like myself!). one thing I have done tons of, and that I recommend you do too, is RESEARCH!! Know what you’re in for before you go, it will make it all the more special!

Some things my husband and I are looking forward to for our upcoming trip include-African Buffet feast at Boma, Irish fare at Raglan Road, quaint romantic tranquility at our resort of choice-Port Orleans French Quarter, celebrating the season at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party with actual snow (yes snow in Florida!!), and enjoying each.others company in a place where we can act like kids again. And those are just a very few of the many things adults can expect out of a WDW vacation.

Bottom line…its not just rides or food or decorations or parades, its memories, ones that you make with those you

love that

will last a lifetime. That’s what Walt Disney World is all about!

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