WDW: They can’t know until they go

My husband and I are planning a trip to WDW….ok actually TWO trips to WDW, one in December and one next April, and when I am talking to people, be it co workers or friends of friends or whomever, and I mention the upcoming trip, and I tell them it’s to Walt Disney World, I always get that kind of weird look, like “really?” and they usually compose themselves and say “how nice” when I know what they are really thinking is “how nice for YOU, but that sounds lame and I wouldn’t want to do it”.

In these (all too common) situations, I don’t usually bother defending WDW (I know, shocking, isn’t it?) but let’s face it…most of the people who react that way wouldn’t get it anyway, unless they were to go to Disney World and see it for themselves (and many of them never will).

Walt Disney World is truly the most magical place on earth for anyone of any age. It transcends age, and truly makes you feel happy, like a kid again.

So those people can give me weird looks all I want. All that matters is when I am on vacation, I am in a place that makes me happy, and where I have fun and enjoy spending time with my loved ones. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

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