Being a “Disney Cheerleader”

Us Walt Disney World lovers know the reasons why we love WDW, so it’s a given for us that we will want to vacation there. However, not everyone is on “Team Disney”, and sometimes our partners/friends/family need convincing, they need to know WHY they should want to go to Disney and WHAT makes it so special

WHY – When answering this one, the key is to THINK about your audience, who are you giving the answer to, what do they like to do? There truly is something for everyone at WDW, and whether your non-believer is a golfer, a shopper, a swimmer, a foodie….they will find what they love at Disney and that will make them love it there too

WHAT – It’s hard to explain that feeling that Disney World gives you, its nostalgia/youth/fun/magic/timelessness/excitement all rolled into one. There’s no ONE thing that makes it as amazing as it is, its EVERYTHING they do, its the details and the hidden mickeys and the food and the hotels and the cast members….needless to say, it would be hard to put into words

It all goes back to Walt Disney himself – he started it all with a Mouse, and that is really what makes it all so special and unique. His dreams are lived out in the parks every day for millions of people to enjoy, and if you ask me, thats pretty darn cool!

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