T.G.I.F. Pic of the week – my “favorite ride” at WDW



When I was a kid, my favorite Disney World ride was the parking tram. Seriously, the long vehicle that transported us from thr huge parking lot to the park entrance was my favorite, so much so that the first year we stayed on Disney property and didn’t have a car to park, I was confused, and asked my parents when we were going to get to ride the tram.

It was cute, but also reassuring because the fact that a tram exists means you won’t be schlepping a mile in the dark with a crying child after the parks close.

Disney’s transportion system is one of its many amazing attributes, especially if you are flying into Orlandos airport and will be staying at one of WDW’s on site resorts, you have no need for a car. The Magical Express airport shuttle will make sure your bags get to your room while you enjoy a worry free (and cost free!) ride to the resort. Once in WDW, there are a huge assortment of buses, boats and monoraild that will take you anywhere and everywhere within the World. I don’t know about you, but that makes me pretty darn happy to not have to mess around with a crappy rental car and maps and tolls and all that mess.

Disney Transportation takes the worry out of getting around and allows you to enjoy yourself (after all, you ARE on vacation, right?!)

Oh and don’t worry about me, I got to ride a parking tram recently at Disneyland in California, so I don’t miss it *too* much đŸ˜‰


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