What better way to get excited for your WDW vacation than to PLAN AHEAD!!!

It is no secret to those who know me well that I am a planner – I am organized almost to the point of OCD, and I love being a planner/organizer of all events and trips.

Lucky for me, there is SO MUCH information out there on Walt Disney World that I could plan 24/7 for a trip and still not read all there is out there about everything there is to see and do (and eat!) at WDW.

I don’t know about you, but I am personally a fan of books, you know, heavy things with lots of pages, remember those? I know books are becoming obsolete, with e-books and kindles/nooks/e readers and the internet, but I still like them, and below are some I think are great for helping plan a WDW vacation:

-The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World – this is published yearly, and its a BIG one – a long book full of TONS of information, and a lot of useful opinions on all the rides, hotels, and restaurants

-Passporter’s Guide To Walt Disney World – again, published yearly, and this one is so unique -its like a travel journal/guidebook/envelope/scrapbook/stuff holder all in one! you can write in it, there are worksheets for budgeting and touring plans and pockets for receipts and tickets and pretty much everything you can ever need for your trip. It’s amazing, and probably most useful for families to help keep them organized

-Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World – this one is sort of Disney’s ‘official’ guide book, so everything is happy and cheerful and there aren’t really any opinions/negativity in it at all. That being said, it’s still a good reference for what you will see in the parks

Lots of books out there are great when it comes to WDW information, these are 3 that I have read for a few years and have found to be consistently informative and have correct and up to date information

Happy Reading!

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