T.G.I.F. Pic of the week – Cruisin’ with the Mouse



I just returned from a cruise that sailed to Bermuda. My husband and I went with another couple we are close friends with, and it was great spending time with them and getting to go to such an exotic place (well exotic to us anyway ha!)

That being said, the trip was disappointing in a few ways, first being that we arrived in Bermuda on Labor Day, and nothing was open, and the cruise.line had given us no indication whatsoever that things might be closed/close early due to the holiday. The second thing that was not great was the weather -we had to leave Bermuda a day early to avoid colliding with hurricane Katia, which meant even less shore time.

I couldn’t help but wonder…how would Disney have handled it? And I guess I am spoiled by the amazing service Disney gives, because I was expecting….something? A partial refund, a special dinner….but got nothing. I don’t blame the cruise line as they can’t predict or change the weather, and the service they provided was overall really good, but ONE thing is certain….next time I am doing a Disney Cruise – what better way to combine my love of Disney and cruising while still getting to travel to new places?

I think of my cruise and am grateful we were able to go, and can’t wait until its time to book our next one – you better believe it will be with Mickey and his pals


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