T.G.I.F. Pic of the Week – Main Street USA – Then and Now

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip back in time, and to really look at how much work was put into creating the Disney World we know and love today.

The MagicKingdomin Walt Disney World hosted 17 million visitors in 2010, making it the most visited theme park in the world – and it all started with the vision of 1 man, to create this truly special place where people can escape into his ‘theme park’ World.


Walt Disney passed away in 1966, 5 years before his visions came to life at the opening of Disney World’sMagicKingdomon October 1, 1971. While Walt wasn’t able to be a part of the actual construction of the park, his ideas are seen and carried out everywhere in theMagicKingdom.

I thought it would be nice, in honor of Walt and his vision, to take a look at theMagicKingdom’s earliest days – specifically the construction ofMainStreet,USA.


I think most of us can appreciate all the dedication, imagination, sweat, creativity, hard work, and yes, even magic that went into making theMagicKingdom the place it is today, a place for those of all ages to enjoy and love.



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