“Water Park Fun and More” Option – a waste of money?

When you are looking to book your Walt Disney World vacation, there are a few things you should know about, like the different versions of Park Admission Passes.

One option in particular that I think people might not know about/understand is the “Water Park Fun and More” option, which for $55 additional per ticket, allows you entry to WDW’s 2 Waterparks, DisneyQuest, and Oak Trail Golf Course.

So the real question is…as an adult visiting Walt Disney World with other adults…is this option worth it?

Well, ask yourself the following questions: Do you plan on golfing 2 or more times during your stay? Does your love of water slides exceed the annoyance a full, hot, crowded waterpark would surely bring? Do you like the idea of having an indoor ‘theme park’ to escape to on rainy days? IF you answered “Yes” to any of these, it might be worth it for you

For me? I always specify NO on this option, I don’t like the water parks and I have NO interest in DisneyQuest (although it seems cool!) or golfing. I prefer to save myself the $55 for something I am interested in (like WDW food ha!)

Is the Water Park Fun and More option right for you? Check out this Walt Disney World Ticket Prices information to help you figure it out (Thanks to http://www.Mousesavers.com for always having updated, accurate info!)

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