Distinct Adult Advantages at WDW – Avoiding the Character Frenzy

Let’s say you’re at Walt Disney World (and if you are that means I have done my job in convincing you that it’s the best place to vacation no matter what your age/interests!) and you see a line (aka mob) of children swarming Minnie Mouse, wanting her autograph and photos with her….chances are pretty good that as an adult, this doesn’t interest you (I know I have no interest in character greetings and haven’t for many years). What you might not realize is that many children being occupied by characters is a good thing for you as an adult, it means less crowded rides and shorter lines. So take that opportunity to ride Peter Pan’s flight or the teacups (both of which tend to normally have really long lines full of whining children)

Should you find yourself wanting some character interaction, a character meal is the perfect place for you, great food (most are buffets or family style where you can enjoy as much as you want!) and the best part is the characters come right to your table, no need to wait in line!

Another scenario for you…let’s say you find yourself at the Magic Kingdom mid afternoon, and you see that people are starting to gather around the Main Street area. They are gathering for the afternoon parade, and while the parade is amazing and really a great show, I know that a lot of adults probably aren’t really interested in seeing Mickey dressed up and dancing on a brightly colored parade float, so take this chance to ride Space Mountain twice in a row, or hit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain with a much shorter wait time.

Being an adult in Walt Disney World definitely has it’s advantages, and one of the big ones in my opinion is the ability to bypass characters and parades in favor of more exciting endeavors…I personally get all the character interaction I need at Chef Mickey’s!

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