Packing for Walt Disney World: Items that no one should leave home without!

As with any vacation, when you go to Walt Disney World, there are certain things you should be sure to bring with you:

Ponchos – Like I have said before, it rains inOrlando…a lot. And yes, almost all the stores in WDW sell Mickey Ponchos and umbrellas, BUT not only are they expensive, they also sometimes run out, and it also makes it harder to spot your people should you get separated…we bought our own ponchos at Target, and we bring them with us to the parks. They are more sturdy and leak less than the Disney kind, and when the rain starts we just pull them out and are good to go…so much more convenient!

Sunscreen – This may seem like an obvious one, but bring the kind you like from home and you will be better off. They sell several kinds in the park, but it is espensive! I also recommend putting it on before you leave for the park.

Sneakers and socks – even though it may be 85 degrees in Florida, your feet will be a lot happier after 12 hours of walking if you wear sneakers to the parks (even though I personally HATE doing it and would rather wear flip flops any day, sneakers are for sure a smarter choice)

Camera – but more importantly, an extra camera battery – Obviously, you want a camera to document your trip to the happiest place on earth, but I know I have forgotten to bring a backup battery with me, or worse, I brought the 2nd battery but it wasn’t charged. Charge your batteries ahead of time and make sure you bring spares and the charger with you just in case

As small of a purse/bag as you can get away with –  there really isn’t any place to put large purses/backpacks while you are on the rides (as most of them end in a different place than they start), so pack lightly for the parks – we prefer a small messenger bag that can be strapped in next to me on the rides

Water bottle – it’s important to stay hydrated, so I like to fill up a water bottle with ice and water before I leave my hotel for a day at the parks, saves me from having to spend $3 on a bottle of Dasani

Snacks – if possible, pack some things you brought from home, like granola bars or fruit or anything small and easy to eat…snacks at the parks are super delicious, but can be pricey, plus if you are suddenly starving while standing in line for the Haunted Mansion, it would be much easier to have snacks on hand than to get out of line and have to search around for a snack cart/shop

Wait until the end of the day to shop – this isn’t really a tip on what to bring with you, but more of a tip on what order to do things in….when I was a kid, I would always pick out things I wanted from the parks and want to buy them right then and there, but my parents always made me wait until the end of the day, and we would buy them on our way out of the park. This was a smart move on their part, because who wants to haul around a giant stuffed Winnie the Pooh all day? Wait until the end of the day to souvenir shop…you will be glad you did, trust me!

All of these things may seem pretty simple/obvious to some people, but without them your trip could quickly turn disastrous, so trust me, they are all important items!

And last but certainly not least, when packing for WDW, be sure to bring a suitcase big enough to fit all of the souvenirs you are going to be buying while at Walt Disney World!

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