You’re never “Too Old” for….

A lot of adults write off Walt Disney World as “kid’s stuff”. Obviously, I find that completely ridiculous! But in case you aren’t convinced, I have compiled a list of things that I think no one is ever too old to enjoy:

Spinning on the teacups as fast as you can (please note: adults AND kids should probably NOT eat right before attempting this!)

Getting your picture taken with characters – adults may think it’s silly to wait in line for Minnie’s autograph (I know I do – even I draw the line here – did enough of that when I was a kid!) but if you’re enjoying a character meal, and Minnie comes over to say hi, don’t avoid it, embrace the chance to let her hug you and have your picture taken with her (Minnie is quite the little flirt with the gentleman – so keep an eye on your husbands ladies!). On a separate but related note, I also think no one is too old for character meals, where you will find a fun, casual atmosphere and some of the best food WDW has to offer!

Roller coasters – even though many of the rides at WDW may be geared towards the younger crowd, there are many that adults can enjoy – fromSpaceMountain in theMagicKingdom to Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, every park has at least one ‘thrill’ ride that will get your adrenaline pumping!

Towel animals – When you stay on property at one of WDW’s many hotels, the cast members who clean the rooms will leave your towels/washcloths in cute shapes, sometimes animals or setup as a vase for pipe cleaner ‘flowers’, it may seem silly, but it always makes me smile (and usually take a picture…could probably make a whole

Fireworks/light shows/nighttime parades – Each park has its own nighttime display/show, and they are all breathtaking! Special Effects and lights galore, they are enjoyable for all ages

-Mickey Ice Cream Bars – I know I can’t say no to this delicious treat, chocolate coated ice cream on a stick in the shape of the Mouse (I am drooling just thinking about how good it tastes!)

There are so many things at WDW to enjoy, the above are just a very few of the things I think are a treat for those tall and small, young and old, and for everyone who is young at heart.

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